World after the Second World War

Our World has seen various conflicts and wars over the past. But none of them compares to the devastation level of the Second World War. Over 60 million people sacrificed their lived fighting over the cause. On one hand, Nazi Germany’s notorious dictator had the vision to rule over Europe. While on the other hand, the Allied forces were trying their best to defend their frontiers. The war shaped the world into something new and different. Here are some notable facts that changed the world after the Second World War.

Major changes:
  1. The war ended some problems from the First World War. However, it also led to the great depression in the European nations.
  2. The end of the war also started the Cold war between USA and USSR.
  3. The war also resulted in countless homeless people over the European borders. Most of them were unemployed as the economy was falling behind.
  4. Women played more participation in the workforce. As most of them had their husband died in the war.
  5. The world had new superpowers. After the war, USA and USSR became the most influential form of power in the world.
  6. Japan got transformed into a pacifist nation. During the war, Japan was illegally capturing small nations for their natural resources. Furthermore, Japan is also responsible for the Pearl Harbor disaster. After the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan instantly surrendered and turned into a peaceful nation.
  7. War had many catastrophic results. But it also accelerated technology and brought new means of communication to the masses.
  8. The war also gave birth to nationalist feelings among various countries.
  9. Just after the war, a new global governing body (UN) was introduced. It helped to establish the modern state of Israel after the deadly Holocaust.
  10. The British empire collapsed along with its various colonies. As the war broke country’s military and economic power.
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