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Most polluted rivers in the world

Most Polluted Rivers in the World – Dirty river is caused by people who do not care about nature, a man who likes to throw Lacker carelessly. when the river is very useful for living things, but if the river is already dirty it will affect the health of citizens who want to use the water for needs such as washing, bathing and drinking water. Furthermore, when the river is dirty it will disrupt the lives of the ecosystem of the river as the fish will die, and will also cause a bad odor.

TOP 10 Most Polluted Rivers in the World:

  1. Citarum River, Indonesia:

Citarum River is present in West Java, Indonesia. The river is already looking like pond scum when in fact this river into the water for agriculture and water for residents in the vicinity. But the river is highly polluted by human activity and full of rubbish. In December 2008, the Asian Development Bank approved a loan of $ 50 million just to clean up the river.

2. Yamuna River, India:

The Yamuna is highly polluted river where 58% of the waste from New Delhi, the Indian capital, dumped in this river. Already as much as Rs 17 billion money spent to clean up the river, but still can not clean. The Indian government now had raised his hand in his efforts to clean the river.

3. Buriganga river, Bangladesh:

Buriganga is the main river in the city next to Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a matter of fact, many creatures died under this river.

4. Yellow River in Lanzhou, China:

River Yellow River is the second largest river and water to millions of people in northern China. However, this river becomes polluted water now because of contamination from industrial waste.

5. Marilao River, Philippines:

 Plastics, rubber slippers, banana tree branches, are some of the rubbish that you see floating in the river this Marilao. The water in this river contain toxic chemicals such as suitcases, chromium, arsenic, which makes this water is very dangerous. Although the government has put regulatory fines for those who throw garbage in the river. However, the community and the local factory still throw garbage and waste into the river.

6. River Ganga, India:

River Ganga is sacred river for Hindus derived from corals ice Gangotri. About two million people perform a ritual bath in the river when the water in this river is not safe anymore. Accordingly, it is polluted by chemical disposal and also there are corpses floating in the river

7. Songhua River, China:

Songhua River is present in China. In 2005, the river is contaminated with chemicals gasoline so that the river is in the closed as water to Harbin.

8. Mississippi River, USA:

The Mississippi River is the natural wealth in America. In fact, the river took about 40% of the natural wealth of American and carry 1.5 million metric tons of nitrogen pollution into the Sea Gulf of Mexico each year.

9. Sarno River, Italy:

Sarno is a stream that passes through Pompeii to the city of Naples. In addition, including polluted river in Europe are mostly waste from agriculture and local industry.

10. King River, Australia:

King River is polluted due to mining in the vicinity. Approximately 1.5 million tonnes of sulfidic heading to the river every year since its 1995 and until now has been about 100 million tons. However, from the outside by naked eye, the river was not so dirty, but the river is actually contaminated with sewage.

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