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Most corrupt countries in the world

Transparency International is an organization that keep eyes on corrupt, richest and poor countries in the world and also on peoples assets and wealth. In this article, I share about most corrupt countries in the world with corruption rate and population and remember out collection of corrupt kingdoms is according to Transparency international organization report. List of those corrupt countries are below:

1. Somalia (Top in Most Corrupt Countries in the World)

Population: 10.3 Million 
Corruption rate: 92% out of 100%

Somalian known as the most corrupt nation in the world. The Somalian prime minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed hasn’t taken any venture to solve the problems of health, electricity and failed to improve business circumstances. There are more than 2 million job needed people in Somalia, which is the main reason of crime up.

2. North Korea

Population: 20.4 Million 
Corruption rate: 92% out of 100%

North Korea got 2nd ranked in the list of corrupt countries in the world with the per year corruption of 20 Billion US dollars. The North Korean president Kim Jong un has an allegation of transfer 5 billion American dollars to his Swiss bank account. In fact, Kim sung known as the most corrupt government in North Korea where every government servant doing corruption on their rank or charge.

3. Afghanistan

Population: 30.1 Million 
Corruption rate: 91% out of 100%

Afghanistan is a South Asian country. And the 42nd largest country in the world with the population of more than 3 crore peoples with containing area near about 6 lac km. According to Transparency International, Afghanistan also the corrupt country. The Government of Afghan president Hamid Karzai borrowed 10 Billion dollars from IMF (International Monitoring Fund), this borrow can be very dangerous for upcoming generation of Afghanistan and keep side effect on the economy of Afghanistan. For this reason, dearness is increasing day by day in Afghanistan and challenging poor people.

4. Sudan

Population: 30 Million 
Corruption rate: 89% out of 100%

Sudani president Omar al-Bashir has an allegation of send 9 Billion US dollars to Swiss and London bank accounts. The anti-crime circle of Sudan doing an investigation, but the circle can’t prove the corruption of president. Furthermore, Somalian government also failed to provide the facilities of health and electricity. However, president Omar al-Bashir also has the allegation of rigging in elections.

5. Libya

Population: 6.6 Million 
Corruption rate: 85% out of 100%

Libya is located in North Africa and the 17th largest country in the world with the area of 1.8 million km. Accordingly, Libya fixed 5th spot in the list of most corrupt countries in the world. Abdullah al-Thani is the current prime minister of Libya who holds their charge on 11th of March 2014. However, mostly Libian governments were corrupt and do not more work on the oil resources of Libya. There are total 15 billion dollars of Libyan politician in Swiss bank accounts that can spoil the coming tomorrow of Libyan peoples. Presently, P.M of Libya Abdullah al-Thani is a businessman. But the suggestion is he do not work for the Libian nation worked for his business.

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