Coolest gas stations in America

Usually, no one likes to visit gas stations, as they are very boring and does not appeal people. However, no every gas station is same. Here are some of the coolest and interesting gas stations in America that will amaze you:

Helios House

This gas station is located in Los Angels and is entitled as green station due to its special features. Also, this is the first gas station in USA that has certification of LEED. The roof of this gas station consists of triangles made from recycled steel and also has around 90 solar panels that reduces the 16% of total energy consumption. Further, it also collects water, which is used for irrigation purpose.

Red Hill Filling Station

Red Hill station, located on the Loughborough Road is an example of futuristic design. The design of this gas station includes circular canopies that are illuminated from below and has cylindrical steel petrol pumps. Here, you will also find a brick office and some signage.

Skovshoved Petrol Station

This petrol station was constructed in 1936 and is situated in Denmark. As far as the exterior of this petrol station is concerned, it has a projecting oval canopy in mushroom shape and it also gives shade to people visiting here for petrol filling. Further, this canopy also illuminates from beneath that adds a lot to its beauty.

Jack Colker Union 76

This gas station is located in Beverly Hills, Calif. When given a glance to its roof, it is hard to believe that this is the roof of a gas station. The roof of this gas station is curved in shape and looks more amazing than that of roof of airport. This gas station has a swooping spaceship like design and it is in night when it looks stunning. Even if you do not want to fill up your car, but visiting this gas station will be an amazing experience.  This is one of the coolest America Gas stations .

Orbit Gas Station

Orbit Gas Station is another coolest gas station in America. This gas station has pointy tips at zany angels and is an epitome of space aged architecture. It has wings that are illuminated at night and gives a stunning looks to people. This gas station is located in Orange Vale. The unusual shape of this gas station gives an illusion of the alien aircraft that has landed on earth.  This is one of the coolest America Gas stations .

Teapot Gas station

This cool gas station is located in Washington and was built in 1922. This is a very cute gas station in the shape of a teapot. The building is in circular shape and has conical; roof. As a teapot, it also has a handle made up of metal sheet and has spout made up of concrete. It is also the oldest gas station in country and is center of attraction for tourists. This is one of the coolest America Gas stations .

Hollow Mountain Station

Hollow Mountain station is locate in Hanksville, Utah and was built in 1984. This service station was built by carving the mountain and there is also a restroom and store in this service station.  This is one of the coolest America Gas stations .

These were some coolest gas stations in America that not only attracts vehicle holders, but also tourists.

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