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Exquisite Silver Jewellery

The sheen and timeless beauty of silver is beyond description. Turn on the pages of history and you will find mention of silver everywhere. This precious metal which never ceases to seduce and serenade you with its beauty and elegance has been an integral part of continents, cultures and countries of the world since time immemorial. The metal has been part of jewellery as well as the culture of multiple civilizations of the world. Leaf through the pages of your history book and you will be utterly surprised to note that in Medieval Age in Europe silver commanded a premium over the yellow metal.  The fascinating facts about silver do not end here. Across countries and legends, you can read about numerous chronologies, stories and tales about magical power of silver.

How often have you turned on your favourite TV shows about blood sucking vampire and wondered as to how they cannot stand silver. Well there is an interesting story behind it. In fact, there is a lot of vampire lore dealing with silver. The reasons vary – in ancient Greek mythology the reason is because their first vampire was cursed by Artemis to be burnt by the touch of silver since he was stealing her silver bow at the time. Then there is also a religious twist to it. It is believed that Judas betrayed to the Sanhedrin (the government in Jerusalem, Israel) Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Since then silver has been associated with a mark of betrayal and a curse to the undead and the evil. Also, silver bullets are shown as effective to be against werewolves.

But then it would be grossly unfair to associate silver only with negative traits and evil things. Silver is associated with bringing you good luck and glad tidings as well.  There are a lot of ways in which silver is being put to use for the overall welfare of human beings. This precious metal finds usage in homeopathic medicines and they also prevent contamination of wine and water. This interesting discovery led the FDA in the US to approve silver allied solutions as a preparatory means for food safety.

Now we return to our main topic of silver jewellery and where you can buy beautifully crafted silver jewellery online for women. In ancient time a persona’s status was measured by the amount of silver jewellery in the family and it was considered more valuable than gold. Now the situation of course has changed and gold commands a much higher price than silver, but in no way diminishes the charm, elegance and beauty associated with silver. You can buy and wear dazzling handcrafted silver jewellery and be the cynosure of all eyes in any event or function.

You can choose, compare and buy a stunning range of highly elegant and timeless silver jewellery online for women. Buy handcrafted earrings, necklaces, bangles, nose rings, jhumkas, payals, and an extensive range of handicraft items made of silver. Wear these stylish and chic jewelleries which are fully capable of adding a unique charm and class to the personality of the wearer. You can also buy them as gift items for your loved ones and acquaintances. Suitable for all events and occasions, you can find an exhaustive range of silver jewelleries that are both modern and traditional. Also, your precious jewellery and other beautiful items made of silver can last for generations if you take proper care of them. This metal does not require a very high level of maintenance. You just need to take some precautions and carry out occasional polishing to keep them loking as good as new.


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