Top 5 Parks in Bhopal

If you have already enjoyed your time at all the historic spots, museums and lakes in Bhopal, it is time to relax at the parks. You will be surprised to see how green, clean and well-maintained the parks are in the city. These are great places for couples to walk around, for someone to sit alone in peace and for kids to play. Most parks in bhopal here are quite huge which is what makes them a better place to relax at. You can pick your own corner and chill out for a while after a tiring day of exploring. You can also indulge in photo shoots in these parks in bhopal as the views from these parks are gorgeous! Here is a list of 5 parks in bhopal you cannot miss when in Bhopal: –

  • Children Traffic Park

This Park is made for children, and if you have kids, you need to go to this park. There are several activities for children in this park and also games which they can play. Other than the regular slides, swings and basic park games, there is also a special toy train here. The park also educates kids on road safety and many other things. All this depends on the theme for the day which is quite an interesting idea. This is one of the biggest parks in the city of Bhopal and clearly one of the best parks ever!

  • Van Vihar National Park

Do you love animals, birds and nature? If you do, you can find all three at the Van Vihar National Park. Animals like panthers, deer, lions, tigers and many others can be seen at this park. Other than that, you can spot around 200 different species of birds! This is an amazing place to explore and also meet some beautiful animals from the wild. There are good 2 star hotels in Bhopal near this park which makes it easier for you to explore the place more.

  • Ekant Park

To all the romantic couples, this is your park! You can spend some quiet special time with your soul-mate here in this open garden. The park is huge and you can catch your spot to enjoy watching the flowers, greenery and the sunsets. If you are staying at any hotels in Bhopal, you can reach this spot quickly. It is in the central area, which makes it perfect for couples and families to relax during the evening time.

  • Chinar Park

Yet another green park in the city. It is located next to a historic war memorial and the park is maintained quite well. If you are a cleanliness junkie, this park is basically a paradise for you because it is extremely clean.

  • Sheetal Das Ki Bagiya

Fresh air, flowers, lush greens and clean is what this park is all about. A favourite spot for photographers and tourists, Sheetal Das Ki Bagiya is a must-visit when in Bhopal. The park has incredible pavements where in you will see people enjoying evening walks and runs.

So don’t forget to visit these parks when on a vacation in the greenest city!

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