Top 5 Most expensive hotels in the world

Have you ever stay in luxury or most expensive hotel in the world? Have you ever think that what is the per night fees of these expensive hotels? We are providing you a detail of luxury hotels with their location, per night fees and facilities. List of most expensive hotels are below:

1. Hotel President Wilson (The most expensive Hotel in the World)

Per Night Rent: $66 000
Location: Switzerland
Area: 1850 square meter

Hotel President Wilson is known as the most luxuries and most expensive hotel in the world. In addition, Hotel President Wilson was built in the age of 1970 with the worth of 3 billion dollars. Hotel President Wilson contains 14 bedrooms which are made with rare marbles and has a terrace where you can view the lake. In the bedrooms, there is every facility including air condition, big plasma tv, piano, and others. Finally, the security of Hotel President Wilson known as the world class security.

2. Four Seasons Hotel

Per Night Rent: $47 000
Location: United States of America
Area: 400 square meter

Four Seasons Hotel ranked 2nd in the list of most expensive hotels in the world. In fact, it was built in 1963 with the finance of Japanese banks. Presently, Four Seasons Hotel contains 46 floors and every floor contains 8 bedrooms. In addition, four Seasons Hotel is the largest building in New York and the twenty second largest building in the world.

3. Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez

Per Night Rent: $39 000
Location: France
Area: 200 square meter

Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez fixed on the 3rd spot in the list of most expensive hotels in the world. Accordingly, it was found by Emmanuel Michele Martinez in 1929.  Furthermore, Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez best known for comfort and modern luxury living and contains total 409 rooms. And every room is well decorated. Above all, there are also many restaurants, swimming pool, ground, beach, and gym. Finally, Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez listed in the most luxuries hotel in Europe.

4. Grand Resort Lagonissi

Per Night Rent: $33 000
Location: Greece
Area: 390 square meter

Grand Resort Lagonissi is mainly built for particular personalities like politicians, famous singers, businessmen and others. Furthermore, It was built in 1975 and this hotel contains 450 room and all rooms are made with marble. Therefore, if you looking for luxuries hotel, Grand Resort Lagonissi are similar to your demand. In addition, Grand Resort Lagonissi is also the most expensive hotel in Greece and 4th most expensive hotel in the world.

5. Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Per Night Rent: $28 000
Location: China
Area: 600 square meter

Mandarin Oriental Hotel is Chinese based hotel and ranked 5th in the list of most expensive hotels in the world. Accordingly, it was built and financed by Jardine Matheson Group, the hotel investment group and leading the hotel projects in Asia and Europe. In fact, Mandarin Oriental Hotel contains 25 floors and each floor has two luxuries bedrooms. Furthermore, in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, there are also a wine shop, meeting rooms, playing area and exercise club. Finally, you can view leak from the terrace of Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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