The best railway journeys in India

Railways entered into our culture right before independence. No doubt, India is a country blessed with ample of flora and fauna. Furthermore, the beauty, serenity, and vividity of the country can be well embraced through its railway journey. India is a place which constitutes of the largest railway network in the world. A few journeys that depict the ravishing India are:

  1. Delhi – Agra – Ranthambore – Jaipur – Delhi :

The beautiful journey allows time to examine the amazing scenes. The journey brings in a lush of green lands to long stretches, along with the herds of goats and the shining sun that shines the meadow.

  1. Jalpaiguri – Darjeeling (Darjeeling Himalayan Railway):

An impressive, breathtaking journey that runs from Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling. Darjeeling, known for its amazing tea gardens, forests and sunsets provides the same serenity through this journey and leaves the passengers mesmerized. It is one of the rarest rail tracks running on a 1-meter gauge. The journey brings the passengers nearest to the tea pickers with baskets strapped to their heads.

  1. Mumbai – Goa ( Mandavi Express):

The journey is a mesmerizing experience, that shows you an epic sandwich of the Sahyadri hills and the Arabian Sea. Furthermore, the journey gives extensive stretches of water, coconut trees, and an unbelievable cruising through 92 tunnels and on 200 bridges.

  1. Desert Queen:

The name itself gives an idea of the stretches of desert that the journey shows. Expanding into the Thar Desert,  from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer, the journey gives a never ending view is the mind liberating desserts and the camels they will take one on top of happiness.

  1. Goa to Londa (Goa Express):

The train passes the Goa beaches, showing the typical beach atmosphere, the churches, coconuts, the ravishing smell of the evening coconut curries from houses. In Londa, the journey speeds up into the dense forests up with small to massive waterfalls during the rains. The view of the deep valleys and high peaks is an eternal experience.

  1. Mumbai – Delhi ( Deccan Odyssey):

The journey runs via Rajasthan therefore, gives an epic view of the tigers in the Ranthambore. In fact, it is one of the most spectacular train journeys, it also gives a view of the Ajanta and Ellora and the Thar desserts.

  1. Kanyakumari – Trivandrum (Island Express):

Depicting the southernmost tip of India, the journey depicts the most serene green stretches of forest and the sacred waters. Furthermore, South India is known as the spice garden of India, is seen well from the tour

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