The Best National parks in Uttarakhand

While we are losing our natural beautiful places and people itself are damaging our tourist spots in some or the other way, there is this one of India among others is known for its beauty, the Himalayas and various temples found on these hills act as a caller for many tourists. There is crazy wildlife in this state which led it to it being the dwelling of many national parks.

I will list down few of them as follows:

This is the oldest national park of India. It is located in Nainital and the most interesting thing about this park is that it was established to protect the endangered Bengal tiger. This is the destination for adventure lovers. A total of 488 species of plants have been recorded and more than 586 species of resident and migratory birds.

It is a very beautiful place, core zone of the Nanda Devi biosphere reserve. This place is declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. It is home to Himalayan musk deer, blue sheep, and the endangered snow leopard. It is named for the incredible display of alpine flowers covering the land mass.

It is also a part of the Nanda Devi biosphere reserve. A total of 114 birds species and 312 floral species including 17 rare species have been recorded here. In addition, the most fun side of this place is that here trekking is allowed. Hence it attractive to many adventure lovers.

located In the uttarkash district of uttarakhand , gangotri houses about 15 species of mammals and about 150 bird species. In addition, Green meadows coupled with snow laden peaks forms the expanse of gangotri.

RAJAJI: Last but not the least Rajajii has been given the status of a tiger reserve by the indian government. Furthermore, it is located near the foothills of the himalayas and encompassing the shiwlik range. So many wildlife species found here.
If you visit uttarakhand it is surely going to provide you with the best and great ever nature that India has to offer. You will fall in love with this place. This lands of God is one of the most beautiful places of india.

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