Ideal destinations near Delhi for the adventure seekers in you

Who doesn’t love a bit of adventure while on a holiday? The adventure not only gives you the feeling of living the moment but also steers away all your fears making you courageous and much more confident. So if you live in Ahmadabad and crave for adventure then Delhi is the perfect destination near Delhi to be in as there are many adventurous places in close proximity with the capital. Just book your Ahmedabad to Delhi flights and travel to have an awesome experience at these amazing places.

  1. Kufri Ski Resort:

Kufri gets its name from “Kufr” which implies lake. It is particularly well known among trekkers and it is a famous spot for experience sports in Himachal Pradesh. The British found it in 1819. As Shimla picked up significance, Kufri likewise started to be perceived as an essential spot to visit close Shimla. Kufri is known for its lovely atmosphere and pleasant excellence. It is mainstream for its trekking and climbing trails. Kufri is likewise prestigious for different enterprises exercises, for example, skiing, tobogganing (sliding downhill on a sled). It has the most established skiing inclines in Himachal Pradesh. Amid winters, when snow spreads over the slants of Kufri, mates of skiing realize that they will have an energizing time ahead. Ski courses for amateurs are led each winter by Himachal Tourism. It likewise offers fundamental types of gear for skiing.

Kufri Ski Resort

  1. Fagu Ski Resort:

Fagu is a popular site enterprise sports in Himachal state. It is located on the Hindustan Tibet Road at a tallness of around 2500 m above ocean level. In Fagu, you can be encompassed with mists everywhere. It is a little town with just couple of little ordinary shops offering key, nothing else. Be that as it may, the spot is specked with Apple gardens, terraced fields and potato fields and so forth. The town is totally encompassed by greenery and is rich in widely varied vegetation. Fagu is an immaculate spot for nature beaus and an unquestionable requirement visit place for those partial to beautiful magnificence. The spot serves as a decent base camp for trekkers and naturalists. The beautiful perspective of the slopes and its excellence is truly captivating.

Fagu Ski Resort

  1. Tungnath:

Tungnath sanctuary is committed to Lord Shiva. The sanctuary is accepted to be 1000 years of age and is the third in the request of the Panch Kedars. This consecrated sanctuary was found by Adi Shankaracharya. As per mythology, Vyas Rishi told the Pandavas that since they were chargeable of killing their own cousins amid the Mahabharata war; their demonstration could be absolved just by Lord Shiva. Pandavas started to hunt Lord Shiva in the Himalayas and Lord Shiva continued evading them since they were blameworthy. Keeping in mind the end goal to escape from the Pandavas, Lord Shiva camouflaged himself as a bull and took asylum underground.


  1. Narkanda:

Narkanda is a slope station situated between the valleys of River Sutlej and Giri. it is a surely understood destination near delhi for experience in Himachal state. iIt is a position of regular magnificence with beautiful perspectives of snow-clad mountains. Today it is a standout amongst the most understood ski resorts in India. Narkanda is encompassed by the Shivalik range. The spot is renowned for its apple and peach manors. It is famously known as the ‘Getaway to Apple Country’ as it interfaces with Thanedar, the fundamental apple belt of Himachal Pradesh.


With so many amazing adventurous Destinations near delhi, the capital of India, book your Ahmedabad to Delhi flights now to travel and have an awesome time.


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