Why you should say no to Android? Problems with Android!

The biggest but not the best

Android has become a pioneer in the mobile operating system. It is the most widely used mobile operating system today. But that doesn’t mean that it is the best, different people have different taste and preferences. Undoubtedly Android is the most flexible and open mobile operating system in the world but this openness leads to some critical drawbacks with the os. As we know that every coin has two sides, it applies here also.

Following are the biggest problems with Android:

  • Due to the openness of the os android os is the most prone to security issues like malware, spyware etc.
  • Most of the devices never get the latest updates whereas ios devices get regular updates. This is due to the number of devices on which Android is running.
  • Advertisements, the most annoying problem with Android. Although we cannot blame Google entirely for this problem as they earn money from those ads. But the situation gets worse when you are doing a task and suddenly a popup window appears out of nowhere on your screen. Windows mobile and iOS are way too ahead of this thing.
  • Play store is full of impure apps. The google play store is the fastest growing digital store but some apps are full of ads and don’t serve any purpose. For instance, I saw a lock screen app in which there are ads on the lock also, come-on who the hell gonna use a lock screen with ads. Some apps on the play store are made by rookies which are full of bugs on any device.
  • Apps are less refined, this is not a big factor when you are used to but it really is a big thing when it comes to head to head comparison. Just like the Facebook app on Android, although it’s very ok on Android when you use the ios version of that app then you will definitely feel the real difference of premium quality and more features. Also, the developers always release their apps on ios first not on Android.
Not compelled? More problems:
  • Tablet support on android is good and still improving but it’s a comparison when it comes to a head to head with the iPad, no matter how long and strong the spec sheet of your android tablet is. In the end, you’ll definitely feel more tablet support on is rather than Android. Working in landscape mode creates desktop like experience on some apps on iPad which is very superior to Android.
  • Lack of proper digital store on Android, although there are some. However, as compared with ios, it’s nothing. Google has its own music and video store but the Supreme itunes store is way ahead. And syncing between ios and itunes is just one click.
  • For some users, android is very complex. It’s due to the toolbox of settings whereas in ios it’s way too simple.

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