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Why google is so successful?

The Digital empire:

If you happen to use the internet, then you must have set Google as your default search engine. In fact, Google is presently the largest traffic on the internet. Very few people can think and use some other search engine than Google. The brand is becoming so huge that Google comes under the ‘Alphabet’ corporation. Which also holds many other divisions like Boston Dynamics, the robotics division. The term “Google” has become a synonym to searching. People often ask each other to “google” this and “google” that. Many big giants (Yahoo) had the chance to purchase Google in their struggling days. But none took the golden opportunity to buy Google. And today Google is the second largest company in the world after Apple. Experts say that it is very likely that Google will outperform Apple in the near future. So what makes them so popular? Let’s find out.

Factors behind Google’s success:

  1. Huge site directory:

    Google helps us to provide millions of search results. As a matter of fact, it almost gives more than 25 million websites. No other search engine is known to provide such huge list of results. You get better chances to get your desired result.

  2. Google gives the best rank sitting:

    After your search, you will get the most relevant result of the words you typed. Google tailors the search results very accurately. Google gives more importance to the most recognized sites instead of normal search results. It gives the user more efficient and time-saving results.

  3. Supports various file formats:

    Google is very friendly while managing various file formats. You can easily upload and browse excel, word, PDF files into their services. And you can surely access them anytime and anywhere.

  4. The trust factor:

    Over the past years, Google has managed to hold a significant position in the Internet market. Therefore, they really don’t need to worry about any other competitor in the next 10 years. Their products give the user a high level of trust. Users blindly use their products without even reading the terms and conditions.

  5. Google is SEO friendly:

    Google gives huge importance to SEO. It helps to rank user their website in the top results considering their site maps. This places Google ahead of any other search engine in the market.

  6. Their Analytics service:

    Google analytics really help users to monitor the traffic on your websites. As it makes possible to monitor the site growth and opens an advertising channel for Google.

  7. Google Maps:

    One of the most important components of Google. The Google maps have been the pioneer in the map industry. Many other companies like Apple and Nokia have tried but failed miserably. Google’s implementation navigation remains accurate and efficient till date. Even most of the modern cab agencies have tied up with Google to use their navigation services. The landmarks and destinations are pinpoint accurate that no user faces any difficulty while navigating.

  8. Financially established:

    Google started with their web services. But now they continuously jumping into various industries. As a matter of fact, over the last decade, they have bought many companies. For example, they have purchased Boston Dynamics, a robotics company. Furthermore, the company is looking to jump into the automotive industry as well by creating a self-driving car. Their strong economic backup makes them able to spend into more innovative projects.

  9. Google AdWords:

    This has created more possibilities in the advertising sector. Google can help you to optimize ads on your website. They try to tailor the ads according to the content of your page, which further increases the chances of customers.

  10. Android and apps:

    Everyone is aware of the legendary operating system Android. The open source operating system created new possibilities for the users as well as sellers. Now people have better access to the web. The Google Play store is one of the best app stores in the world. With a wide variety of apps, you get solutions for most of your needs. Paid apps are really helpful as well. The entire ecosystem of the operating system is connected to the core Google apps. For example, you can seamlessly use Gmail, Hangouts, Maps, Google search on your device. Android is now also available on cars as Android Auto. Most of the automotive manufacturers are adopting Google’s services into their cars. Almost all of the modern day smartphones (except iPhone) are equipped with their operating system. They have truly enabled the common people to explore the world of Internet.


They have complete dominance over the internet. However, some countries like China have banned their services in their country to promote their own alternatives. Google has also faced problems with some regressive countries like North Korea, Pakistan etc. We can’t deny the fact that in the upcoming years the company can face competition from another giant. Just like Yahoo got crushed under Google.


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