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Internet: A blessing to the modern man


During his evolutionary journey from Netherlands to Homo Sapiens, man has come a long way. Because of his continuous quest for more and more amenities and facilities, the nineties have seen a major turn around with the invention of computers. 15 years ago, the term ‘internet’ was practically unknown to the majority of the people. However, today the internet has become the most ever powerful and efficient tool for man throughout the world. The internet is a collection of various services and resources. The Internet has great potential and a lot to offer.

How it plays an important role?

The most prominent advantage of the internet is communication. We can avail of facilities like email, Skype, and other messenger services. Today, we have the ability to communicate in a fraction of second with a person who is sitting in the other part of the world. The internet is a virtual treasure trove of information ranging from government law and services, trade fairs and conferences, market information, new ideas and technical support. The list is endless. Anything under the sun, be “Googled.  You can Download games, visit chat rooms or just surfing the web for fun.

There are numerous games that may be downloaded from the internet for free. Many services are now provided on the internet such as online banking, job seeking, purchasing tickets for your favorite movies, guidance services on an array of topics. These can cost you more if they are available in the offline market. Online shopping is another far that is picking up fast. This kind of shopping has a wide range of products. Interacting with people or social groups that are too different can get confusing and overbearing. There is a constant fear of losing class and stature.

On the flip side, internet addiction has led to the poor academic performance and a huge number of lifestyle diseases.


By the use of the net, people’s security and privacy are often violated through stealing and gathering information about people and then selling it. Many banks had to increase their internet security because of hacking and phishing.

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