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How To decrease Size of Image (Best 2 Ways)

Images are now used everywhere e.g for illustrations purpose and work purpose as well. Even if we want to create a social media profile, we need to upload a profile picture there. But, sometimes uploading a picture on any website, we might get an error saying “Images under 50KB are allowed only”. In such scenario, there’s one way left which is decreasing the size of the image. There are plenty of ways to do that. We’ve shown best 2 ways to decrease size of image.

Most of the job form filling websites and portal are allowing low size pictures only because millions of forms are uploaded for a single job and it’s required to save the hosting space. Many other reasons are also behind this because if there’s no restriction, people might start uploading heavy sized images on their portal.

Now, let’s move to the ways you should use to compress the images to lower size. Plenty of ways are used to do this. We’ve shown the two ways which work perfectly even if you’re a PC user or a Mobile device user.

When it comes to PC users, MS Paint tool is very useful. Most of the users don’t know about this but MS Paint can also be used to increase resolution of image.

When it comes to mobile users, we recommend using online image compressing tools. All of them are totally free and very easy to use. Such online services can be used by PC users as well but if PC users have Paint installed which is commonly preinstalled in Windows, there’s no need to use online tools then.

Best Methods To Decrease Size Of Image

Below are the methods listed in details. Everything is explained very well and there’s should be no problem while following the steps.

Method 1. Using MS Paint In Windows OS

Windows OS is used by billions of people daily to do their office and homework. If you too have one then we recommend using MS Paint (Microsoft Paint) application.

Most of the users have underestimated the power and features of MS Paint. But, this application is truly powerful to do some basic editing with the pictures.

We can even use this application to decrease size of image. No need to visit any online tool, no need to download any tool, just open up MS Paint and follow the steps given below:

  1. Open Paint application and drag-drop the image whose size needs to be decreased. or click File>Open.
  2. Now, select the Resize Tool from the toolbar menu.
  3. A new dialogue box will appear, you can either decrease the size by percentage or by pixel.
  4. Enter around 70 in the percentage box and click OK.
  5. Press Ctrl+S to save the image, size of image will be decreased up to 70% or the percentage you’ve selected.

This is the most recommended method from us if you’re Windows users. It’s easy to follow and quick one.

Even if you’re Windows user or mobile smartphone user, there are some online tools which are also easy to use. Such tools are specially used for decreasing the size of images.

We’ve suggested you such an online tool and detailed guide to use it in method 2.

Method 2. Using Online Image Size Decreasing Tools

  1. Visit:
  2. You can see an Upload Image option but before proceeding check if you’re uploading a JPEG image or PNG image. Select the appropriate option.
  3. Browse the picture and wait till it’s uploaded to their server.
  4. An automatic conversion will start, wait till it’s finished.
  5. Once the automatic compression is done, hover the image and click to open the Settings.
  6. Scroll down a little bit, adjust the quality bar to adjust the size and quality of the image.
  7. Live stats of image size and quality are also displayed makes the compression of image way better.
  8. Once everything is adjusted, click Download All.

automatic compression download

That’s all you need to do. We recommend you not to use such online services to compress classifies/private types of images because no one knows whether if such services are storing images on their servers or not. So, it’s better to take the safe side

We hope this article was informative and useful to you. Drop down your comments and suggestions to help use improve it.

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