Trusted leak Apple iPhone reveals all the windows in the works

Trusted leak Apple iPhone reveals all the windows in the works

An All Glass iPhone Is A Possibility - apple iphone

Internet seems to be flooded with apple iphone leak; However, the reliable Japanese site Nikkei reported that Apple is developing a glass frame using the iPhone Foxconn and will be a radical change in Apple’s design compared to the previous version. However, do not get too excited. IPhone crystal will not be the iPhone and it is speculated to release in 2017.

Nikkei also said that the sources revealed “. Foxconn has tried to frame the glass since last year” However, when it comes to be all glass, Apple iphone means that only the back of the front of the iPhone and will be made of glass like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The movement to have a glass body has many benefits to it. As we all know, the Apple iPhone 7 will remove the headphone jack and allows the user to charge your phone and listen to music simultaneously. A glass allows the phone to signal passes easily and also eliminate the ugly antenna line. Apple will also assist in the implementation of wireless charging long on their phones.
It is expected that Apple could launch an iPhone version of next year as it marks the anniversary of 10 years since the first Apple iPhone launched. It seems that Apple is the time to play it safe in 2016 so they can do something radically next year.

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