Torrent: Being a pirate!

The first thing that I want to inform you about Torrent download is that it’s not completely legal or completely secure to your computer. It is vulnerable to your computer’s security and privacy. But it has a bright side too, which is so bright that it washes away the dark side. In India downloading from torrent sites is legal for private purposes while it’s completely illegal to download torrent files in the US only the content which is not protected by copyrights is legal to download. Open source media and files are legal to download (like Ubuntu, Centos. Torrent downloads provide Movies, games, applications, Ebooks, Audiobooks, Music albums and singles, Tv shows, Images etc. Some of the different categories have their individual websites for downloading, while some websites have integrated them all at one place.

Utorrent and BitTorrent:

To download any content from the torrent websites you first need to download the program called Utorrent or BitTorrent from their websites (Both works the same, the choice is yours). Both are available for Windows and Mac os. Install them to your computer, during the installation make sure to unselect any kind to additional download or software (commonly known as spam).

Security issues:

If you are using a Windows machine make sure that you have a proper antivirus installed on your machine. Keep the antivirus up to date, update its virus definition database (For Mac os just avoid downloading any zip file as you don’t know the real contents of the zip file). Create a separate “download” folder (To make it organized) anywhere in your local disks.

Downloading the files:

To download any file using Utorrent or Bittorrent you need to visit the host website first. Then you need to search the content you need then open a search result. Now comes the important part if you want to download your file at a good speed then you need to check the number of seed(ers) and leech(ers). The number of seeds must be higher than the number of leeches. Click on the download torrent icon and it will download a small file of 4-6kb. Now open the file using the Utorrent or Bittorrent application it will ask you a download location, select the download location according to your preference and then the download should begin.

The concept of seeders and leechers:

Seeders are people who have already downloaded the file and are uploading them. The more seeders the faster the download will go.
Leechers are people who are sharing what they have and are downloading what you have.
When searching torrents, always get high seeded torrents. If there are no seeders, you will never finish the download, no matter how many leechers there are!

More leechers there is the slower the download, so try to find a file with many seeds low leeches.

Torrent downloads are awesome as compared with other downloading sites which provides media and software with spam and adware. Comparatively torrent downloads provide high-quality content where as normal downloading sites never matches the quality and the proper organization of files.

For Example when you try to download a music album from an ordinary website with file hosting (Normal downloading site). you will never get the real ID3 tags (Tags which identifies Album artist, genre, year, metadata etc) of that album. Instead, you’ll get the custom ID3 tags edited by that host website (They do so to promote their website) which is very annoying especially when you have to manually edit them back. On the other hand in torrent downloads, the ID3 tags are really made by the creator of the albums. Thus there’s no need to manually edit the ID3 tags to organize them. Torrent downloads are just ripped from their real version which is available on digital stores like Itunes, Amazon etc.

Additional tips:

Before opening any file after the download just go the download folder where you have downloaded the file. Then scan that folder with the antivirus installed on your system. (Works with windows, Mac is more secure so no need for this step). Check the results of the scan make sure there’s nothing unusual in the results. (Antivirus doesn’t include Windows Defender as it’s very basic to detect a high level of infections). Although the following step is only for those users who want to assure their computer’s security. Torrent downloads are usually nonmalicious, thousands of users download content using torrent but it’s good to ensure security. It’s recommended to read the comment section of the torrent files before downloading anything.

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