The ultimate guide to boost your battery life


The smartphone market has evolved rapidly. Every year we see new revolutions with screens, processors, rams, form factor and OS but the main thing which still lacks is the battery life of the devices. Still, we are stuck to 1 single day of active usage whereas different factors like processing power have improved a lot but the battery life is still the same as 2012. We know there are lots of new technologies like wireless charging, quick charge technology etc but in the end of the day, you will just pray to have a lot more juice on your device. So how we can sort out the problem of battery life, Well we can perform some tricks which will help you get some extra juice out of the battery. Although the tips won’t increase the battery life with big numbers but still they are quite useful.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can easily perform on your device to get more juice:

  • Try to avoid installing apps from unknown sources. Always install the apps from the Google play store. Side loading of apps can cause spyware, adware issues which can let to serious battery problems. But there’s one more argument against this point i.e, “How will I install pirated apps and games?” , If this is your question then try to verify the apk installation by google setting app.
  • Read this article from Cnet to know which app is consuming the battery the most.
  • Turn off the auto sync option. It will save you a lot of battery as it will stop the synchronization between the apps. If you still want to synchronize some data between apps then manually turn it on for a while and then turn it off when you’re done with your work. This option is one of the well-known method to save battery and mobile data, this option also cuts and restricts the background data to a limit which will cause less mobile data consumption.
  • Set the brightness manually. Yes today the devices have auto brightness sensor but the sensor also takes some juice out of the battery to make it work properly. The best way is to toggle the brightness manually according to the lighting conditions. You can install a widget to toggle the brightness if quick toggle is not available in your device
  • Try to set a minimum screen timeout time in order to get sufficient consuming the battery life. Set it to 10-15 seconds and you will get an additional boost with this trick. Usually when the user leaves his/her device the screen is left on for additional seconds which can cause high battery drainage if the user is frequently using the device with several intervals.
  • This tip is for the pro users, go to settings then developer settings, then select the transition effects and lower it down to 0.5. This will make the phone look bit faster and also will provide less stress to the GPU of the device thus finally resulting in extra battery life. This works as the transition effects are bunch of cool animations which requires the GPU to work and if you lower the effects down then less power will be required from the GPU.
  • Try to uninstall unnecessary apps that you never use. Installing apps on android is quite fun everyone likes to keep more apps in their smartphone but the problem is the more you install the apps the higher the Ram space is eaten by them. High usage of Ram means that there is now more stress on the Ram than it used to so gradually resulting in serious battery drain. Try to keep checking the free Ram space on your device after installing app your phone, at least 350 Mbs should be free to make it work faster and without any extra stress. Keeping a track on free Ram space will let know that how many apps you can install on your device.
  • If possible then you should factory reset your phone in every 4-5 months. This method will make your refresh and will get rid of malwares etc. Also it will clean up the Ram and will make it work like the day 1 when you bought the device. You can restore your contacts and some data using google account.
  • Try to use 2g networks when you’re not using mobile data on your phone. This method is quite useful in the countries like where 3g bands are still hard to catch on the devices. Disconnecting from 3g and connecting to 2g will be big increase in your battery bar. You can always switch back to 3g when you are up to use mobile data.
  • Carry a separate battery or a power bank if you can. This is the ultimate solution to battery problem in the modern era.
  • You can install battery saver apps like DU battery saver to extend some battery. Although I’m not a big fan of installing an extra app to save some battery. Maybe it could work but I personally think that it’s just bunch of adware on your device.
  • Try to turn off the Gps on your device. Set it to battery saving mode, that mode is also quite precise compared with high accuracy mode. Manually turn it on when you are to use some navigation application.
  • Always kill the application after using it. Go recent apps and swipe away every single app to completely dismiss them, sometimes apps shown on the recent apps menu may be opened in the background and also consuming battery unnecessarily. It’s better to destroy every single activity after using the apps.
  • Try not to install the apps or games which shows advertisement in them. This is because as those ads will continuously get updated even when you are not using that particular app. usually new ads banners are downloaded in the background. Thus all this background processing will eat up some extra battery power.
  • Although the micro USB is made for universal charging. But still, I would recommend using the proprietary charger of the device. This will keep your battery healthy for a long time. Never use the faulty charger as they may damage the battery or even can cause fatal explosions.
  • Always try to keep your home screen simple and clean. Adding too many widgets can cause high battery and performance drainage. Widgets are cool but they eat up a lot of battery. If you still want to use widgets then increase their refresh time. As increasing the refresh time will make them update less frequently thus you will save battery.
  • Try to avoid 3rd party launchers. Surely the launchers look awesome but they are also responsible for battery drainage in devices. In most of the devices when the user is using a 3rd party launcher as the main launcher that time the default launcher of the device is also running behind the 3rd party launcher.
  • Whenever your battery is at 10-15% don’t play any heavy game as they require too high processing power. Ultimately will result in a battery drain of about 3% in just one minute of gameplay.


    So there you have all the tips I know so far. I pray to the manufacturers to build some new technology for the better. As every day I see the revolution in every field except this one. Hope soon will be another revolution.

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