The Top 9 Samsung Note 8 Tips and Tricks to Know

Samsung is one of the major smartphones of the Indian smartphone market. It has managed to come a long way from being one of the leaders from feature phone to smartphone days. Samsung smartphones are durable, stylish and deliver power-packed performance at affordable prices.

One of the flagship models of the company has been the Samsung Note 8. If you have loved S series Samsung phones, then you may like the Samsung Note 8 as well.

This post will give you a quick introduction to the Samsung Note 8 features along with some tips and tricks. Being aware of all these will help you make the most of it.

Samsung Note 8 features at a glance

  • 6GB RAM
  • 64GB internal memory
  • A grand 6.3-inch full HD and full view display with 1440 x 2960 pixels resolution
  • 12MP + 12MP rear and front camera
  • 3 GHz Octa Core processor
  • Android Nougat 7.1.1.
  • 3300mAh battery


Samsung Note 8 tips and tricks

Here are some key Samsung Note 8 tips and tricks to help you extract more out of your Samsung mobile phone super easy. Have a look:

  • Customize Edge lighting – Do you want the edge of the screen to light up when you receive notifications? All that you have to do to is – go to Settings> display. Tap edge screen and toggle on edge lighting. Tap edge lighting to personalize the app lighting settings, app notifications and colour and size of the display.
  • Enjoy Bixby – Your personal assistant – Bixby is the Samsung voice assistant that will help you access all mobile phone features. To active the Bixby key, press and hold the Bixby key on the left side of the phone. You can also go to the Bixby settings to wake it up with wake words ‘Hi Bixby.’
  • Move multiple icons easily – You can also move multiple icons on your Samsung Note 8 phone. To do that, press and hold one until you see the Icon menu. Once you see it, tap Select multiple items and select what all you want to move. You can also uninstall apps from the icon menu directly.
  • Always on display – The always on display is the screen that shows when your phone is at rest. To enable the same, all that you need to do is go to settings>lock screen and security>toggle the AOD on and off.
  • Open the camera in a flash – Did you know you can quickly open the camera by pressing the power button two times instantly? To activate this feature, you can go to settings, tap on advanced features and tap on quick camera launch.
  • Take several pics at once – Do you want to images of fast action? You can press and hold the shutter button on the camera to shoot as many shots as you like in superfast motion.
  • Get creative with stickers – The Samsung Note 8 features camera that comes enabled with Snapchat-like stickers. It can allow you to take some mobile phone images. To active the stickers, you can tap on stickers from within the camera app. Tap on the + within the sticker features to add fresh ones.
  • Edit your home screen – A long press on the wallpaper on any display enables you to edit the themes and wallpaper and even widgets. It can also help you manage the home page screens. You also get the freedom to access the home screen settings from here.
  • Choose what happens when you remove the S Pen – The S pen is the unique feature of the Samsung Note 8. It lets you manage things on the screen with it. However, you can always select what will happen when you remove the S Pen. You can go to settings>advanced features>S Pen>when S Pen is removed. You get three options when the S pen is removed – Air command, create a note or do nothing at all.

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