The fastest supercomputers in the world

  1. DARPA

DARPA “Defense Advanced Research Project Agency” is an advanced agency of the U.S. Department of Defense. In addition, they are involved in producing new technologies for the Military. Accordingly, DARPA Trial subset appears as fastest Computer in the world in 2012 by their Performance speed. Finally, it is manufactured by IBM at the IBM Research Laboratory Engineering Development.

Speed:                            1.515 Petaflops

Country:                         United States

Operating System:         Linux

Manufacturer:                Ibm

Processor:                       Power7 8c 3.836 GHz

Cores:                             63360

  1. FERMI


The supercomputer built by IBM and architect FERMI design of Blue Gene / Q at CINECA in 2012. Accordingly, Fermi has made for the used Computational Science para Massively Mass Calculation. Furthermore, it is Ranked 9th fastest computer in the world in 2013. Accordingly, it has the speed of 1.725 PFLOP/s.

Speed:                            1.725 Petaflops

Country:                          Italy

Operating System:         Linux

Manufacturer:                Ibm

Processor:                       Power Bqc 16c 1.60 GHz

Cores:                             163840

  1. TIANHE-1A

TIANHE is ranked 8th fastest Computer Technology in the World. Above all, TIANHE Means “Milky Way Number One”. In addition, it is made & designed by NUDT at National supercomputing center in Tianjin. Finally, TIANHE fast Computer Run on Linux Operating System for making it secure and fast.

Speed:                            2.566 Petaflops

Country:                         China

Operating System:         Linux

Manufacturer:                Nudt

Processor:                      Xeon X5670 6c 2.93 GHz

Cores:                            186368


STAMPEDE is manufactured in Texas Advanced computing Center Located in University of Texas at Austin. Presently, this Super computer owned by TACC. In addition, architect by iData Plex with the best 07th placed in the list of fast computer. Finally, it Supports Linux Operating Software. In addition, with Rmax speed 2.660 PFLOP/s.

Speed:                             2.660 Petaflops

Country:                          United States of America

Operating System:         Linux

Manufacturer:                Dell

Processor:                       Xeon E5-2680 8c 2.700 GHz

Cores:                             204900

  1. SuperMUC

The Leibniz-Rechenzentrum in Germany Research Center built supercomputer called SuperMUC. Above all, It architect by iDataPlex, and delivering outstanding compute power and system integration of high performance computing. Accordingly, SuperMUC has his wonderful speed to 2.89 petaflop /s. Furthermore, its standing on 06th place on top of the world fastest computer invention.

Speed:                            2.897 Petaflops

Country:                         Germany

Operating System:         Linux

Manufacturer:                Ibm

Processor:                      Xeon E5-2680 8c 2.70 GHz

Cores:                            147456


The JUQUEEN a big designed of computer structure, Architect by Blue Gene/Q. Presently, this Computer Device made used for computational science, engineering, climatology, physics and material science. For this reason, this Super computer ranked on 05th Top of the list. Accordingly, it comes with Fast and its huge storage memory 393216 GB upgraded. Therefore, it is the fastest computer in Europe.

Speed:                            4.141 Petaflops

Country:                         Germany

Operating system:         Linux

Manufacturer:               Ibm

Processor:                      Power Bqc 16c 1.600 GHz

Cores:                            393216

  1. MIRA

Mira was fabricated by IBM at Argonne National Laboratory. With support from the Department of Energy of the United States. Accordingly, this computer designed to research on scientific research, climatology, computational physics. In addition, including material science. Furthermore, this system support OS Linux. Moreover, it’s amazing power 3945.00 kW. Finally, with a speed 8.162 PETAFLOPS made this 04th fastest machine.

Speed:                            8.162 Petaflops

Country:                         United States of America

Operating system:         Linux

Manufacturer:               Ibm

Processor:                      Power Bqc 16c 1.60 GHz

Cores:                            786432


This super computer K computer manufactured and designed by Fujitsu and Riken simultaneously. In addition, it is located in Riken Advanced Institute of Computational Science in Japan. Accordingly, it has a huge memory 1410048 GB with fastest processor. Presently, it helps into research purpose including climates research, disaster prevention, In fact, it also helps in medical research.

Speed:                            10.510 Petaflops

Country:                         Japan

Operating system:         Linux

Manufacturer:               Fujitsu

Processor:                      Sparc64 Viii FX 2.0 GHz

Cores:                            705024



The Sequoia supercomputer manufactured by IBM. Then, architect by Blue Gene/Q for the National Nuclear Security. Presently, it plays a very important role for nuclear weapon simulation, scientific research, astronomy, climate change, Human genome. Accordingly, Sequoia High configuration made it’s  worthwhile to use. Therefore, puts itself in the world’s fastest supercomputer. Finally, it costs around $ 250 million.

Speed:                            16.325 Petaflops

Country:                         United States of America

Operating system:         Linux

Manufacturer:               Ibm

Processor:                      Power Bqc 16c 1.60 Ghz

Cores:                            1572864

  1. TITAN

Titan is the fastest supercomputer computer ever in the world.  In addition, Cray Inc is responsible for its development at Ridge National Laboratory for the purpose of the scientific project. Furthermore, Titan is upgraded version of Jaguar. Finally, it was launched in 2012 Oct. However, with a cost of 97 million $.

Speed:                           17.590 Petaflops

Country:                        United States of America

Operating system:        Cray Linux

Manufacturer:              Cray

Processor:                     Opteron 6274 16c 2.200 ghz+ nvidia k20x

Cores:                            560640

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