SSD: The fastest form of digital storage

A fast data storage

Solid state drive is it useful or just a gimmicky name? To understand them at first we need to focus on what they really are?

What is an SSD?

Solid state storage devices store computer data on non-volatile “flash” memory chips rather than by changing the surface properties of magnetic or optical spinning disk. With no moving parts, Solid state drives (SSDs) are also the future for almost all forms of computer storage. It is widely believed that solid state drive is likely to replace spinning hard disks in most computers. Several manufacturers are now offering hard disk replacement SSDs. They are extremely fast, robust and energy efficient. Unfortunately, the prices of solid state drives are currently high as we compare them to the traditional hard disks. They come with the lowest capacity of 30 gigabytes and range up to a massive 4 terabyte (SanDisk’s new 4TB Optimus MAX SAS SSD).

Some problems:

Due to this high price they are not present in every computer. People can buy a hard drive for more storage in the same cost of SSD. But on the other hand if we forget the pricing issue then SSDs are superb, they are very fast in comparison with traditional drives. Average reading and writing speeds in SSDs can range up to a 200mbps. Additionally, SSD doesn’t have any moving parts so they are less power consuming and they work very silently. SSDs are more rugged and durable than traditional disk drives. Presently, most of the high-end laptops and Pcs are already equipped with SSD. Thus providing more user-friendly experience.


So what can we do if we don’t have enough budget to buy a high capacity SSD? Surely there’s an answer to it you can buy a Small capacity SSD of 32 or 64 Gigabytes and then use It as the primary drive on your system. Try to install all apps and programs into it. Store all of your media files into a secondary traditional hard drive. Thus this setup will finally result into rapid increase in performance of your Pc. Making it faster than before. Hence SSDs soon gonna change the storage game if they become cheap which I know they will be.

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