Some quick interesting facts about Reliance JIO

The Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced  Reliance Jio on 5th September 2016. It is the 4G VoLTE Supported Sim. VoLTE means Voice Over Long Term Evaluation. The Journey of the Jio begins after giving us free unlimited data, voice calls & messages. If you want to use the services given by Jio, just buy a 4G supported smart phone and enjoy the free offer. The motive of giving the free stuff in the beginning, Mr. Mukesh Ambani wants to collect or check the interest of the people. The pack starts from 5th September 2016 and ends at 31 December 2016 where data, calls and messages are free. When the Jio entered in the market there is clear war began between many telecommunications companies because Jio is offering free stuff where many of the companies gives this stuff at high cost.  Reliance Jio plays a good role in Make in India. I choose this topic because I want to give you the brief description of the Jio. All the facts and the figures are given below.

        Facts About Reliance JIO

From 5th September 2016 To 31 December 2016

1 -》Cheapest 4G Data

We all know that data packs are much costly now a days. The prices of 2G, 3G are sometimes didn’t affordable, So think about how much costly the 4G is ? The telecommunication companies Airtel, Idea and Vodafone are offering the data packs in a very high amount and we have to pay the large amount for small data packs. When the Jio comes with the free unlimited 4G services in the market then most of  the user switched to Jio. You can download anything, surf on the Internet, do blogging, use you tube whatever you want.

2 -》 Free Unlimited Voice Calls

Like unlimited 4G data, Jio is giving free unlimited voice calls too, you don’t have to pay for that. You can easily call either in a same network or other network. The service is free and simple to use. There is no tariff plan are announced. Sometimes the network problem occurs but they will fix the problem very soon. When we talk about other telecommunication companies like Airtel, Idea and Vodafone,  they charge a huge amount for the voice calls and the tariff plans. So this shows Jio is best in the market.

3 – 》Free Messages

You can send unlimited messages while using jio because this service is also free. Giving us the service of unlimited messages shows that how good the jio is in its side. Another advantage of Jio that makes our life better.

4 -》 No Roaming Charges

Roaming charges are sometimes too costly but we have to pay the charges. The travellers can easily understand what i am talking about. When Jio launched, it announced that there should be no roaming charges. You can use the Jio everywhere in India. This will give pleasure to those people who like travelling or they have to travel.

5 -》Unlimited data during night

One of the best advantage of Jio, is offering the unlimited data during night. If you are the busy person and you don’t have time to use the offers in a day, Then you can use it at night but the timings are from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. During this time interval, there should be no limitations of data. You can surf the Internet, download whatever you want. While other telecommunication companies are offering night data with the huge cost or a very low time validity.

6 -》 Customer Evaluation

Jio made the SIM activation task very simple. People can use their Adhar Card to activate the SIM. The company activates in just 15 Minutes. This helps the people most. The Reliance Store is available for helping the people. If you need any information, you can go the nearest Reliance digital Store.


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