Some interesting facts about Microsoft

Everyone knows about the software giant Microsoft. As a matter of fact, every literate person must have used their product once in their life. Without Microsoft, the world would have been a completely different place. The general idea of an office would have been different. Presently, Microsoft is dominating the PC market. Their applications and OS is recognized worldwide. Offices, schools, hospitals, ATMs everyone is using their software. Microsoft is the world’s largest software maker and also the fourth most valuable company. Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded the company in 1975. Till then the company has been the prime player in the software market. Here are some interesting and unknown facts about Microsoft.

Interesting facts:

  1. Before Microsoft:

    Bill Gates and Paul Allen were working with another business before Microsoft. When they were still high-school students they started Traf-O-Data. They together produced a computer that managed to automatically process traffic-counting data.

  2. Huge salaries:

    There’s no doubt that Microsoft is a huge company. And it must be offering a handsome salary to its software engineers. But did you know the fact that some of the software engineers at Microsoft are earning a starting salary of 106,000 USD?

  3. The IQ of Bill Gates:

    It is estimated that Bill Gates has a high IQ of 160. In fact, the figure may be even higher if we consider is SAT scores.

  4. Satya Nadella:

    He is the new CEO of Microsoft. Satya Nadella is now considered the most powerful Indian-born tech executive.

  5. The surface team:

    This team worked at a secret facility in Company’s Studio building in Redmond. The research has been kept a secret even to the Microsoft employees. They don’t have any idea that what’s going on behind the doors. Many believe that the door leads to some kind of underground bunker.

  6. Something about MS word:

    You must know how to underline something in MS Word (Control + U). But did you know the fact that you can double underline something by using Control + Shift + D?

  7. Paul and Bill were hackers:

    In their high-school days, they cracked the security of Computer Center Corporation by a loophole. Later, the company hired both of them of find bugs in their system.

  8. The name of the company:

    Although Paul and Gates named the company as “Micro-soft” in 1975. But it was 1981 when they removed the hyphen.

  9. The software bob:

    It was intended to be a user-friendly interface of Windows 3.1. However, it failed miserably. In fact, it is regarded as company’s biggest flop ever.

  10. Microsoft has a huge number of patents:

    Yes, they own more than 10,000 patents. Moreover, they file 3,000 patents every year. Quite innovative! Isn’t it?

  11. MS Word shortcut:

    Want to change the date in MS word? Just use Alt+shift+D to change the dates automatically.

  12. The first windows:

    Microsoft intended to launch Windows 1.0 with the name “Interface manager”. But later they decided to change the name to “Windows”. As it was more catchy.

  13. Windows XP:

    Before the launch of the iconic Windows XP. Microsoft considered Oxygen to be the name of their latest OS.

  14. The first virus in Windows:

    Winver 1.4 was the first virus in Windows in 1992.

  15. Microsoft refused to buy YouTube:

    Back in 2006, Microsoft had the opportunity to buy YouTube for 500 million USD. However, later Google purchased YouTube for 1.6 billion USD. Presently, it is the most popular video streaming website.

  16. National medal:

    George Bush in 1992 awarded Bill Gates with the National Medal for technology and innovation.

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