PC: The best gaming console ever

Everyone knows the full form of PC (Personal computer). And PC has been a revolutionary product among people. It works as a multi purpose tool in almost every single field. Therefore, gaming is another utility which PC can perform. PC gaming existed from the early days of PlayStation. And it still exists till date without any downfall. PC gaming has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the recent years. It’s flexible and upgradeability is the key factors behind its success. As anyone could tailor their gaming device according to their needs. Furthermore, PC is the only platform which gives you the choice of multiple input devices like keyboard, joy sticks etc.

Reasons behind its superiority: 

  • The upgradability: 

    This is perhaps the main reason behind the superiority of PC over any gaming console in the world. PC gives you the opportunity to upgrade its parts according to your need. Whereas, in the gaming console counterparts you will never get this functionality. As once you buy a console, you are stuck to its specifications for years before it starts aging. PC gives you the chance to upgrade its storage capacity, RAM, processor and display cards.

  • Free multiplayer: 

    As far as I know, in most of the consoles, you need to pay a yearly fee to play multiplayer gaming. This is very annoying as you have to pay again after buying a specific game. On the other hand, in PC once you purchase the game you become its owner completely. There’s no hassle of paying any multiplayer fee just install the game properly and you are ready to rock and roll. Paying twice for a game is completely pointless and impractical.

  • Better performance: 

    Well, this point is only valid if you don’t have any budget constraint to your build. PC gives you the opportunity to stretch the game to its maximum. By this, I mean better resolution and frame rates. As consoles are stuck with a particular resolution and frame rate. While buying the best parts for your PC build can give you an immense edge over any console. As a matter of fact, native 4K gaming became possible only with PC and its superior components.

  • All in one machine: 

    Building a PC is really a worthy investment. A PC is not just a gaming device, unlike the consoles. You can do spreadsheets, edit videos, images, browse the web etc on a PC. While on the other hand, a gaming console is just limited to gaming and some video watching. Therefore, PC always stays ahead when it comes to functionality.

  • VR:

    In the recent years, Virtual Reality has become a mainstream thing. Game developers are now giving their best to make some spectacular VR enabled games. However, the majority of the VR enabled games are compatible with PC only. This is due to console’s poor specs as compared with PC. You can easily stuff an i7 processor and a beefy graphics card into your build and become ready to play the latest state of the art VR games. While in consoles, you need to buy a brand new console to play the VR titles.

  • Budget gaming: 

    Not everyone has tons of money and not everyone wants to spend a lot in gaming. Some casual gaming can suffice their needs. PC gives them the opportunity to play games at relatively cheaper costs. You can assemble a PC with just the basic parts and play some triple A titles. While on the other hand, you have to buy an entire console with its fixed price even if you don’t want to play the heavy titles.

  • Backward compatibility: 

    Okay, some of you now might be thinking about the PS3 with its backward compatibility. Its true PS3 was able to handle previous generation games from the PS2. However, things have changed now as both Xbox One and PS4 doesn’t support any backward compatibility till now. Whereas PC is the grand daddy of supporting old games. You can literally play any game from the 90s on a modern day PC. As modern day operating system (Windows 10) supports any game from the past. Where as console manufacturers have smartly focused on new titles only, to maximize their profits.

  • Pirating: 

    Piracy is a real bad thing for any digital industry. It has collapsed the music album industry of India. Furthermore, the real developers are unable to make money for their really hard work. However, in the emerging markets like India and Brazil games are exorbitantly over priced. It is really impractical and pointless to buy a 4000 INR game and play it just for a couple of days. Piracy sorts out this problem, as gamers can pirate the games and try them for a while. After which they can purchase the legit copy of the game. It becomes really cost effective in my opinion, especially for the hardcore. As a matter of fact, the majority of the hard core gamers complete a game in a week.

  • Steam and Lord Gaben: 

    Gabe Newell is the co-founder of Valve corporation. He is also the founder of Steam. A software client to manage games on PC. People often refer him as the god of PC gaming. Because he is responsible for making the PC gaming a dominant platform in the gaming industry. Steam has managed to consolidate the PC gaming into a single space. As earlier most of the games had their own proprietary software client. Steam created a unified ecosystem for gaming and interaction. Furthermore, you must be aware of the Steam sales, in which they offer massive discounts on the popular gaming titles. Which definitely beats any other online market selling computer games. Finally, Steam also has social features for interacting with other gamers in the world just like the PS network.

  • More gaming titles: 

    Console lover usually bash about the fact that they have more exclusives made for their console. For example The last of us, Uncharted series etc. But let me tell you, there are 5 times more games available on PC. If you talk about the number of games then PC is still the undefeated king. Check out the Steam store, for instance, there are over 5000 games. Furthermore, PC also allows you to play inde game titles on the web (, None of the consoles give you that reliable option with their ecosystem. Furthermore, Mircosoft has made PC even better the introduction of games like the Forza series and Halo series. Now console exclusives aren’t just limited to consoles Windows is doing a good job in supporting them.

  • More input devices: 

    Do you like customization in your devices? try that in your gaming console. I’m bloody sure that you can only change your Joystick with another similar joystick with some cosmetic differences. On the other hand, PC has got plenty of options to choose from. You can use various kinds of Keyboards and high precision gaming mouse. if you think that using them is too mainstream then you can also add joysticks just like consoles to make your PC more intuitive. But in the case of PC, you have got a wide choice choosing joysticks with various key schemes. Means that you can either have a Xbox styled or a PS styled joystick layout for your convenience. Try that on a console! Furthermore, PC has some advanced input devices as well. You can use Steering wheels for racing games and joysticks for flight simulators. This gives a wider scope for gaming.

  • Cheaper replacement parts: 

    If anything goes wrong on your PC. Then you can individually replace or repair that specific faulty part. But on the other hand, if anything goes wrong with a console then the whole takes a trip to the service center. Plus, you should also note the fact that console service centers charge more than their PC equivalent.

  • The trust of Windows: 

    There’s no doubt on the fact Windows is the dominant operating system for the PC market. They have a history over 25 years and most of the devices are running on their operating system. Their latest Windows 10 is considered to be the most efficient operating system in the world. It has been specially tailored for gaming. As a result, the Xbox comes as standard included in the operating system. Therefore, you can have full trust over the ecosystem of windows. Where is the operating system used in the gaming consoles remains highly proprietary in nature. Bugs are common in both of the operating systems. However, Windows have an enormous community which consists of developers, hackers, and users. Most of the problems can be fixed by reading a couple of forums. While on the other hand, consoles usually have fewer bugs. But once you encounter a bug you have to pay a visit to the service center as there’s no other way fix the problems.


Everyone has their own choice and preference. Some fall for the simplicity of the console ecosystem and while others fall for the features of PC. Both of the ecosystems have their own advantages. While consoles are more couch friendly experience. Whereas PC have better value. So I would recommend you build a PC only if you got any use other than gaming. Consoles are good enough for quick and simple couch gaming. PCs are meant to take it another level. Furthermore, by building a PC you will also learn a thing or two about technology. And it will increase your handy skills as well. However, whenever I say the word PC I strictly address the desktop market. Buying a laptop for gaming would be the biggest sin. You will say that nowadays laptops have desktop grade performance but they are still dependent on the age old battery technologies.

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