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If you type the phrase notepad into the Google Play store search box you will get over one thousand results. All of them serving the same purpose with more or less functionality but only a few of them stands out of the crowd. Instant note taking on a mobile phone instead of traditional notepads have become a trend, after all, who wants to carry additional items in their bag pack. People like to create digital notes, to do lists, itinerary, even reminders on their mobile devices. So which application is the best for note taking purpose??

Google Keep:

Google Keep is the best note taking app in terms of functionality and simplicity. The app makes it easy to create and manage notes easily with their clean material design interface. Additionally, you can use it with various devices all of them will be synchronized with each other. It’s simple and clean but lacks a high level of productivity.


Evernote is the big daddy of note taking the application with tons of features and functions. It comes with good device support available on all major platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows phone etc. Organization of notes is very convenient in Evernote (you can arrange notes by creating different notebooks). Full-size desktop Evernote app is also available for Windows and Mac Os. Creating Voice notes is also possible with Evernote. Although in the free version the user is given a limited storage for a month (additional storage can be purchased by spending few bucks). All over it’s great but it’s a bit complex for new users and amateurs.

Microsoft OneNote:

Microsoft One Note, it is only recommended for those users who use Microsoft’s office suite. It’s very similar to Evernote but it comes with a deep integration with Microsoft office. The Notes are shared with Microsoft’s OneDrive, the cloud makes it easier to find the files manually in OneDrive. The OneNote app has nice and cool animation effects which might require good specifications in the device installed.  Although it’s an awesome alternative to Evernote it may not appeal to some audience. All over the One note app gives more professional like an experience than Evernote but it still lacks some functionality.

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