Music and smartphones

Since the inception of the original iPhone and Android, portable music players have seen a massive sales drop. Apple’s iPod and Sony’s Walkman have limited their sales and started to more immersive mobile market. Smartphones are more versatile and more productive than portable media players in any segment. Music formats have a wide variety starting from WMA, AAC, FLAC. But MPEG-3 (also known as MP3) stands out as widest used format among the users. It’s famous because of its high compression rate and higher quality overall. The MPEG 3 also comes in various bitrates 64,128,256,320 Kbps which promises increasing quality respectively. In the Old golden day’s people had to buy the Music CDs and side load them manually. However, in today’s digital age the users can digitally download the tracks (with or without payment options) and side loads them into their devices.

Different music players:

For digital purchases, iOS is considered as the best of them all. Simply because it comes with built in software (iTunes) which enables the users to automatically sync their music across different devices instead of any manual effort to sync them. But you have more user control over the Android devices. As you directly can browse the files without any need of extra software which makes it possible to sync illegal tracks too. Although iTunes unlike every other music player for mobiles, unfortunately, it’s only available for ios. Whereas the default music player in android devices literally sucks. But thankfully Android has so many alternative music players to choose. Play store is full of alternative music players but beware only download the player which has over 500,000 downloads to avoid spam and buggy music player.

Also if you own an android device then you can also download additional equalizer which increases quality. Furthermore, it enables you to fine tune the audio settings on your device (use headphones for best experience).

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