iPhone 7: Boring the crap out of me and what you need to hear this

iPhone 7: Boring the crap out of me and what you need to hear this

The iPhone 7 is boring

Since the iPhone 7 rumors penetrated, I get irritated every day. Do not get me wrong, I love the iPhone but I also love my Android phone. However, the latest leaks, such as the missing headphone jack, three different variants and another stupid decision by Apple annoying the crap out of me. We already know the iPhone 6S not perform as well as expected. That’s the main reason that launched the SE iPhone.

However, if you expect the iPhone 7 to provide phones that were ridiculed by China at half the price, then you need higher expectations, or you need to stop being delusional. Apple can learn arrogant, which can not catch you again.

Sinus iPhone 7 will be the last phone and his biggest yet, I hope it is the best phone out there. I played a bit with OnePlus 3, so that the next iPhone should be better than that. Knowing Apple, that will never do something unexpected. It took three years for the jump to 64GB with 16GB storage model as the cheapest option. That is, if the rumors are true.

Sometimes I like to compare Apple to the justice system and our political system: slow AF. Apple took too long to increase your storage options, but they should be aware that applications are not in small sizes. Facebook and WhatsApp can not take half of the memory. Why not try to record 4K video and you’ll know what had urinated all phones. 64 GB as the base variant and become the norm in Android, then, what the hell are waiting for the Apple phone?

We as consumers need to stop blindly following brands and start looking for other options. We all know very early shiny new things, but worth the price? The latest leak shows that there will be no more and the design of the headphones seems too ugly. Antenna surrounding the phone looks like an ugly border used by Instagram users of unskilled labor. We know everything about him, even before Apple announced publicly. You just need to know where to get information from (* cough * and who to trust.

Here is the heart of the problem: – The next iPhone will look almost like the iPhone 6S (Boring)

– The phone will be three versions (Because we need a variety of phones that look exactly the same)

– No headphone jack (stupid idea)

– Line antenna Feo

– (Yes Not really) larger 5.5 inch model

– (! So listen dil Maange more) Two cameras in the larger models

Yes, I’m a technology journalist and yes I have high expectations, but why consumers do not have the same expectations? When they cease to be a sheep, and consumers began to demand what they deserve for a cheaper price?

IPhone 7 will be the latest phone from Apple Empire and I feel good.

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