How to buy a pendrive?


While buying any electronic devices, you always check websites and apps because you want the best. Pendrive also an electronic device and it is a very useful thing for all of us. With Pendrive, you can transfer any important data and tools, working methods and backup for essential data etc. The storage capacity of a Pendrive can be 512 MB, 1 GB, 2GB and up to 128 GB.

We normally call Pendrive, a Flash drive. There is a minor difference between two of them. Flash drive only plugged into a USB port of computer but Pendrive can be used in mobile, tablet, Desktop, TV and more. Flash drives are slower while Pendrives are faster.

Tips for buying a Pendrive

1- Technology

2 – Memory Requirements

3 – Price

4 – Brand and Warranty

1 -> Technology

There are two types of technologies are available USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. USB 2.0 is introduced in 2001 and USB 3.0 is introduced in 2009. In USB 2.0, the transfer is low. It consumes more power and it is not more compatible. In USB 3.0 the transfer is high. It consumes less power and it is more compatible.

2 -> Memory Requirements

It depends upon your need. From 125 MB to 128 GB everything is available in both online and offline market but in the online market, you will get the discount if you buy one of them. Speed is also an important factor.

3 -> Cost

Lots of brands are available. People often get confused. See Pendrives quality matters. As we talked above in online market you will get the best discount and you can compare brands, price, speed everything. You will get best of them. No discount available in the offline market or local shop.

 4 -> Brand and Warranty

Available popular brands are SanDisk, HP, Kingston. You can read reviews about them on the internet. These brands have the warranty from 4 to 6 years.



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