How to buy a new smartphone

Smartphone takes an effective place in our daily routine. We use the phone for shopping, capturing images, shooting videos, playing games and so on thus companies are growing faster and they are making many changes in technology day by day. Market is full of many kinds of smartphone depending upon various specifications and features. So choosing a phone is a confusing decision.

Here all instructions and guidelines given below are for all the market either it is online or offline. Android has easy platform, the update facility is better as compared to others and they are in budget phones, Windows has limited  functionality and it takes lot of time for learning the features of a window phone, iOS is easy to use but the iPhone’s are very costly.


Camera is one of the most important and essential factor while choosing a phone. Just go with the phone which has better camera quality, best pixel size, good aperture. Some special features like auto focus facility, camera angels, dual lenses will be effective while resolution is less important. Don’t choose a phone which has lots of megapixels. The work of 12MP rear and front camera is equal to the work performed by 16MP but the smartphone with 16MPcamera are costly in nature and 12MP camera are in budget.

  1.  Battery Power  

The power depends upon the usage and the user. Basically there are two types of user ->
First one are those person who use the phone just for calling, capturing pictures and texting are know as Normal User. 2500mAh or more battery capacity will be enough for them. Normally phones with this capacity can run 9 to 10 hours.

Second are those person who uses the phone for playing games, GPS(global positioning system), streaming videos in YouTube and using Google services are know as Heavy User. 3000mAh or more battery capacity will be better for them. Normally phones with this capacity can run a full day.

Key Points -> Li-po is better than Li-ion. Li-ion batteries do suffer from aging and Li-po have good battery life.

  1.  Processor

Key factor of every smartphone is processors. If you spends more time in reading e-mails, watching YouTube videos, Searching anything on Google, sharing the documents, watching movies, playing games then choose a better processor. RAM can speed up your system so buy a phone with more RAM to enjoy the multiple applications at the same time. It is used by both operating system and application. For any smartphone, The snapdragon 600 and 800 Series will gives you better option to perform any task fluently. Operating System, Random Access Memory, User Interface depends upon the processing capacity.

4. Security

Here the word security means the service and the facility provided by the company from unauthorized user. Security features are must for any device. It keeps privacy for certain group of people. Currently smartphone provides us the facility of fingerprint sensor, pattern, pin & retina sensor . The smartphone with fingerprint sensor are in budget and the smartphone coming with the retina sensor are costly in nature. They are costly but the work of these sensor are very effective. They secure your data and media.

  1. Display and Screen Size

First think about the size of phone. Size matters when you always keep phones in your pocket while playing, performing any task or going anywhere. Choose a phone which suits in your hand. 5.5 inches or less will suit for small hand user. The disadvantage of smaller screen size smartphone are there is no parallel processing facility. People with big hand can go with 6 inches or more screen size. The facility of one hand operations is available for those people. Currently companies are focusing on making the bigger screen’s for most of the smartphones. Like 5.8-inch or 5.9-inch.

Then think about the color quality and the brightness most. Phones with bright display will allow user to use the phone in the sun light as well as in the night. The color quality is seen better in the AMOLED Display rather than LCD. It will help you while watching movies, pictures, videos, reading an e-mails or documents. QHD display is used by many smartphone makers and for showing more colors on display they use the HDR. Never forget about the display angles. Resolution is less important. Phones with 4K resolution is best. Big screen size can make your display bulky not resolution.

Key points -> Don’t be confused while choosing a display. Make sure that it has AMOLED Display, better Resolution, good Angels. Choose a phone size according to your choice.

  1.  Storage

Most of the storage is taken by pre-installed applications. In such case less storage will be available. If you are in a habit of using most of the application, keeping number of games in your smartphone, shooting the videos, capturing maximum number of pictures, you can buy a 32GB, 64GB, 128GB storage but the facility of increasing the storage by using microSD card will not be available. If you are not a game enthusiast or keeping minimum number of pictures in a phone, you can go with 16GB storage and you can also  increase it by using microSD card.

  1.  Build Quality

It means the structure standard of a smartphone which is weight, body, form, color. Choose a phone with less weight and the color according to your choice. There are two types of builds, first is Metal and second is Plastic. Phone with Metal body are strong if suddenly you drops the phone it can save the phone.

  1. Operating system 

A variety of operating system are available in the market. Choose a simple operating system and according to your need. An operating system is the mediator between the hardware and the software. Some examples of operating system is Android, Windows, IOS, Symbian. Android is the most compatible operating system preferred by most of the companies. Android support most of the application and games. It gives efficiency to the user. Like operating system there are several
UI( User Interface) are also available. UI is preferred as the mobile interface used is by the normal user to access everything so Don’t choose a confusing UI. Some examples of UI is ZenUIMIUI,
Huawei EMUIHTC SenseLG UXGoogle Pixel UI.

  1. Speaker and USB port

For those, who are music enthusiast go for front facing and side facing speakers because it gives the clear sound even at landscape position. But rear facing speaker is also fine. There are two types of port micro USB-port and type-C port are available in smartphones. 3.5mm jack is mostly used by electrical appliances.


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