Things You Must Know About Wii U

Although the Nintendo’s Wii U is quite an old console now and it is rarely seen anywhere but few of the leading online shopping websites still has the console on their websites for sale. The console failed to attract hardcore gamers but beginners were quite excited on its launch, this piece of machine is good for middle aged gamers while playing with siblings.

The Nintendo’s Wii U

The console from Nintendo is quite a beast in the woods. It has the controller named GamePad it comes built-in with console and works on the senor and touch screens. Moreover, the machine can stream the visuals on Gamepad and your television at the same time without any extra hassle, this also enables you to play multiplayer with friends.We were astonished to discover the multiplayer and screen duplication feature on Wii U. There is a lot you can explore on this console and its new features will amaze you with an ultimate gaming experience.

The Console
We start with this point realizing that a lot of us will be dwelling about the console itself, Nintendo’s initial showcasing for Wii U appears to confusethe audience. Maybe this made Nintendo to put a greater part of its launching into appearing and clarifying the GamePad controller and spread awareness about the console and its features along with accessories. Many people though it to be a typical Wii as before and it did not interested them, this made the company’s struggle even double because it had to clear the mind and change the image of Wii in the mind of gamers.

On the other hand, this might be disappointing that the idea of Wii U was not communicated properly. The GamePad left everyone confused. The possibility of other controller with a screen confused many gamers and they needed guidance and awareness about the new feature.It can also control your television, the game Gamepad is also known as television and you can set it up as a remote control, there is a lot to learn and explore in the Wii U.

The Nintendo Wii U is an amazing console for multiplayers, you can connect independent headset for audio and go for independent video screen as well via television or tablet, yet this is just the beginning of the features for Wii U. The future of Wii U can be bright if it is presented properly to the target audience.
You can also experience gaming on 3D by just sitting on your cushion. The question rises, with all these amazing features why Nintendo Wii U is not popular?
Well, we don’t really know maybe the limitation of different games and less awareness of the Wii U can be few of the factors for its unpopularity but we hope that this console make it to the top in coming years with some new features and games that can be preferred by hardcore gamers.

Overall the console is amazing and a very good option for middle aged, it can really cheer them up but we think that it needs some improvements to catch the attention of adult gamers. The console needs to partner with some well-known gaming franchises and upgrade its configuration accordingly.

Tell us how was your experience with Wii U and what improvements should be made?

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