Gadgets that got replaced by your smartphone


Today, almost everyone has got a smartphone in their pocket. A few very rely on the old feature phones. Smartphones have made our life easier and convenient in many ways. And their mass production has made them available at a low cost which most people could afford. Now people are not limited to dialing calls and texting people, they have more power right at their fingertips. The mobile internet played a crucial role into this, as now the saying “the world at your fingertips” has become true. It also educated the people and made them more productive.

Now anyone could learn a skill just by watching a YouTube video. The Smartphone also made a boom in the online shopping sector. Due to its portability, people are more likely spend hours browsing through the pages of online shopping sites. The compact and versatile nature has eliminated the use of many other devices as well. Here are the 12 gadgets got replaced by your smartphone:

  1. Phones:

    Well, the main use of the mobile phone is to serve as calling device. The smartphone does that well. But by I Phone I mean the old landlines. After the success of smartphones, there has been a massive decline in the sales of old landlines. Presently, they are only limited to offices. Furthermore, in today’s date, you won’t see a phone booth in your area. Because everyone has got one smartphone in their pocket. Phone both has no practical use in today’s date.

  2. Camera:

    The smartphone industry completely destroyed the point and shoot camera industry. Today, the smartphones are powerful enough to outshine any point and shoot camera. You don’t need to carry a bulky point and shoot camera for taking some excellent pictures. The camera in your smartphone does the job for you. Furthermore, you get the ability to edit your pictures right away after capturing them. However, the DSLR industry still remains intact after the smartphone revolution which is very unlikely to change. Over the years the smartphone camera optics have changed massively. While the point and shoot camera remained the same. Now the manufacturers could easily squeeze more mega pixels into their device for better performance. In addition to that, Optical Image Stabilization is another class leading technology which is missing in the point and shoot cameras.

  3. Mp3 players:

    The iPod and WALKMAN may have been the biggest players in the Mp3 player industry. But the smartphone revolution destroyed their legacy in the market. Now no one wants to carry an extra device for music when their primary device can do it well. Furthermore, the digital music industry has also seen changes in the recent years. Now they are focusing more on streaming options than local downloads. Services like Spotify and Apple Music have gained massive popularity among people. While on the other hand Mp3 players are still stuck with local download technology. For this reason, Apple has abandoned their iPod division recently.

  4. Portable Gaming Consoles:

    In the past PSP and Nintendo were the leader of portable gaming consoles. But their lack of innovation made their business fail in front of the mobile revolution. Today, most of the smartphones have enough power and juice to rock the latest high-end games. Game developers are targeting the mobile industry as their future rather than the portable gaming consoles. Moreover, you can also install some emulators on your smartphone to play some classic console games. High-end GPUs played an important role in the evolution of mobile gaming. As it has managed to jump to 3D technologies from the previous 2D technology.

  5. Alarm Clocks:

    Gone are the days when you need to buy an Alarm clock for the side bed table. The smartphone could easily wake you up in the morning with your favorite tone assigned. Furthermore, there are some advanced alarm apps like ‘Alarmy’ which makes you capture a picture to stop the ringing.

  6. Books:

    Want to save the environment? Then try to read eBooks instead of real books. As a matter of fact, Kindle has been a popular format in the eBook industry. Now you can easily carry over 100 books on your device without even feeling their actual weight. The crisp display of your smartphone is quite enough to let you enjoy your favorite books wherever you want. Furthermore, eBooks are cheaper if we compare them to actual books. So it’s a win-win situation.

  7. Remote Controls:

    Okay, this might be a new thing for you. But in countries like the US have already adopted the single remote policy in their home. Yes, you can control your TV, set-top box, AC etc. with your phone. Your phone just needs the IR sensor to support this feature. Which makes your smartphone an ultimate tool to control the devices in your home.

  8. Watches:

    In the past, watches were helpful to display the time to people. However, now things have changed, there are more of a personal statement than a utility device. You won’t people wearing a time piece on their wrist. Because there’s no need at all. Now anyone can take a glance at the time by just looking at their smartphone.

  9. Photo albums:

    In the past, people used to have collections of photo albums in their home. However, with the introduction of digital media people shift their real collection into a virtual collection. The fall of the Kodak empire is the best example of this shift. Furthermore, people can store their pictures on the cloud based data base. That creates the possibility to access them anytime and anywhere. Plus, this is more cost effective method than any traditional photo albums. You don’t need to delete pictures to save cost.

  10. Calculator:

    Yes, this one is quite obvious. Now you don’t need to carry a separate calculator to calculate your accounts and business. Furthermore, some calculator is famous for providing some features that are not available in the regular calculators. Now you don’t need to buy an expensive scientific calculator with you. An app would do the job as well. The touchscreen technology can adapt to any signs and symbols while normal calculators are limited to fixed mechanical keys.

  11. Wallets:

    This trend is still catching in the developing countries like India. But in the US people already have ditched their leather wallets for payments. They can easily use their smartphones to pay in the stores. In India services like Paytm and Samsung Pay have played a crucial part in ensuring cashless payments. You won’t be needing to carry any cash in the future as everything can be done by your fingertips. This also decreases the chances of losing money or pickpocket.

  12. Flashlights:

    Today, you don’t need to carry a separate flashlight in your pocket. The camera flash of your smartphone is quite enough to do the job for you. You can easily turn it on at any time to get illumination. Furthermore, some high-end devices give you the capability to change the color and intensity of the flash. There are specially tailored apps that give you the perfect blinking and dimming effect to the flash of your phone.


In the recent years, the smartphone has become the perfect companion to our day to day needs. This is evident by the fact that everyone is buying one. People always try to keep themselves updated with the latest tech so they buy smartphones every year. With the rapid development in the industry, the smartphone is very likely to replace more device and gadgets in the near future.

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