External storage option important or not?

Most of the Manufacturers are following Apple’s trend of not supporting micro Sd card to maximize their profits. Last year Samsung came their flagship S6 with no Sd card support which was a real bummer for the fan boys, instead of Sd card support they opted for 32, 64 and 128 Gb inbuilt flash storage. The real problem is not the available space but it is pricing which makes it real big deal and the price per gigabyte is too high compared with Sd card option. If you buy any storage version then you are literally stuck with that there’s no further expansion. The manufacturer who doesn’t include Sd card expansion slot is clearly interested in profit maximization rather than sales maximization. Micro Sd option is more reasonable in countries with limited internet capability like India where most of the people store movies, music, and videos of their smartphones.

Where’s the problem?

So does micro sd really matter? This question can have various answers. If the pricing options are good then I would say it would be okay for most of the people to opt for a device with at least 32 GB of inbuilt space. The biggest sin would be 16 GB variant with no expansion because you won’t be able to store apps, games or media files adequately.  For a casual user who uses apps and games, 32Gb Variant would be sufficient.

For heavy gamers who like to play graphic intensive games should go for at least 64Gb Inbuilt storage. However, I would rather suggest Micro sd option for gamers. Because most of the manufacturers use weak flash memories which don’t provide a good read and write speed. Thus resulting in low performance in games on the other hand Games installed on a UHS 1 or 2 (Ultra High speed) cards performs quite better.

For video recording, I will always suggest micro sd option cause video recording always takes huge space. In addition, with the introduction 4K recording in some devices, you really need at least 64 gigabytes of onboard storage. 4K video format has extremely high bitrates. Therefore, both video and audio remain uncompressed in high quality. Micro sd is a big advantage storing media files like Movies, Videos, Music albums etc. Which is very handy when you don’t have internet connectivity.


So what you consider? Device with micro sd option or the device without it? The answer is totally up to personal preference. As Sd card would be an advantage for offline storage option and extreme gaming. Where as onboard storage devices would be good for casual users who desire a slimmer device. (As devices without sd card support are usually slimmer and have a better design).

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