Don’t buy entry level Samsung smartphones

Samsung and their entry level devices:

I am not an anti-Samsung, my first android phone was also a Samsung. Samsung is currently the leading brand in the android market, but there are some considerations that you should consider before buying a Samsung device. Samsung’s market share is rapidly decreasing in the entry level segment as the users are getting better specifications in lower price point. For a light or regular user, Samsung devices work well but when it comes to gaming on entry level Samsung devices it simply sucks. Due to the heavy bloat ware and custom UI, a huge amount of RAM is being consumed hence heavy gaming becomes a catastrophe on an entry level Samsung device.

Their flagships are too good:

But on the other hand, the high-end Samsung devices like the S series and the Note series are the top end performing devices in the world as they have the top end specs and high optimizations with apps and games. The developers and Samsung really try to test each and every apps and game on the top end devices. So the optimization is far better. All these things create a misconception that android devices are laggy and insecure. Although the feature rich apps require high-end hardware thus they perform well on flagship devices but not in entry level devices.

Here are some reasons for not buying an entry level Samsung device:
  • Samsung has some core services like google ( ex- Samsung store, music hub, games hub, movie store), which is completely useless to the entry level users.
  • Bloat ware is one of the big issues on Samsung devices. Some devices come with preinstalled games and apps which can’t be uninstalled.
  • Samsung’s TouchWiz (custom skin/theme) creates a misconception for the new users that the user interface of Google’s android is as it looks on their entry level device.
  • Due to extra features inbuilt on Samsung devices users may experience a lack free RAM space availability. This results in poor multitasking and low performance. Even though those extra features can be installed on any android phone by installing a third party app from the play store.
  • Poor display, yes you heard it right. On the entry level segment the display panel is still poor TFT. In addition, the resolution and PPI are relatively very low. Outdoor visibility is hideous. And you should also forget about the auto brightness thing on some devices, switch with manual toggles.
  • Battery life may be a problem for you when it comes to entry level devices by Samsung. I’ve read so many articles about this thing and finally came to a conclusion that this fact is true about these devices. This is just because of the customs apps and skins.
  • No future updates. Buying an entry level Samsung device means that you are totally stuck with one version of android. And there will be no updates given to your device. Samsung gives occasional updates to these devices but they are only some bug fixes nothing else. Whereas some devices at the same price point offer OS updates.
  • Poor apps and games support on these devices. Yes we can play mediocre games on these devices but new games which require higher system requirement are not compatible. Even some apps are incompatible.


So what’s the verdict of this discussion, simply here you simply can’t go for a brand factor. You need to consider the specifications instead of a brand name. Otherwise you have to be ready to dump your phone after a year. Or you’ll have to suffer the sluggish performance afterwards.

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