Computers: A technological marvel


Modern airplanes wouldn’t be able to fly without it, no it’s not a jet engine. It’s given us mobiles phones, compact discs and space travel. Without it money would effectively cease to exist, Western society would collapse. So a big thumbs up for the revolutionary device the computer.

Computers and their impact:

Just about every area of our lives today is been touched by the silicon hand of the microprocessor. Computers keep us warm, they cook up food, they play our music, and even they protect us from harm in so many ways that a better faster us. On the other hand, though the computers are bad tempered, petulant, they live in a permanent state. To make matters worse the computers have become so much more than glorified typewriters.

They are robots, cars, designers and pilots apparently computers now have intelligence. They have become so bright that they can even chop vegetables. Computers then have certainly changed the world. Today computers are quite simply everywhere they are on your desk, on your lap, in your palm, they make your washing machine work. They can play a cd, they are on your wrist watches. In short just about anything which uses electricity today will have a microprocessor a computer.

Are they really reliable?

But do remember in 1999 NASA’s Mars climate orbiter was programmed by using both metric and imperial units. So after ten long months getting to mars, the system got confused by inches here and centimeters there. The hundred and twenty million dollars space program got clouded somewhere else so that you see computer may be great at doing Maths quickly they even appear to be clever but they are not you know they are daft as brushes. The reason why they are so stupid is that they blindly carry out human mistakes perfectly and uncritically. This stupidity should scare us to death but it doesn’t what scare us is something else.

What is the future?

For years we have told that one day we’ll build a computerized emotionless cyborg that absolutely will not stop but is this really the future? Can we ever expect to be walking with robots in the towns? Yes, Honda has its ASIMO but it’s not really that functional. For anything approaching that kind of world domination that Governor Schwarzenegger deals in computers that robots would require at least a modicum of intelligence and this is what scares us.

Very credible scientists out there are pushing AI as the next big thing. Even it wouldn’t be wrong to predict that one-day computers will have minds of their own. There’s no doubt that the computer has changed our world out of all recognitions in an incredibly short period of time. And it seems major developments still to come pretty soon they say the computers will become truly benevolent pandering to your dreams and fantasy. Or let’s say what they say because these are people who promised that people will be wearing a bakery foil suit by the year two thousand and will live on the diet of pills they said that the moon will be colonized within 2020.


So if you forgive me if I remain a little bit skeptical about the claims being made for the future of the computer. Apart from something else I’m sure that I don’t want voice recognition everywhere. Or a laptop saying hello Shayan in an American accent every morning. And I definitely don’t want anything computer inserting in me.

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