Common hazards to avoid with your smartphone

Things to avoid

Smartphones have evolved massively, they are not just meant for calling and texting they have much more potential. But that doesn’t mean you can do anything with your smartphone with that said here are some things you should avoid:
  • Protecting the screen with lamination:

    We are not living in 2006 so are the phones. Now they use touch screen technology rather than physical buttons, so applying a lamination to your device would significantly decrease the touch sensitivity.

  • Rooting with Android apps:

    Although the concept of rooting is not for normal users if you do root your device then root it with proper PC, not with Android apps. Because those apps could be malware or spyware. which could affect the performance of your device or hack your details.

  • Installing third party app killers:

    Well this correct to some extent only. Installing third party app killers doesn’t make any sense as Android (after jelly bean) OS is already smart enough to stop unwanted background processes. Using third party app killers cause further battery drain rather than saving it as the apps get killed and restated over and over again. But on the other hand, first party app killers are effective and efficient in killing apps as they have device’s root access. also, the third party app killers spam your device with advertisements.

  • Splashing your phone in water:

    yeah, I know this is quite obvious but there are phones which claim water proofing/resistant. But only trust that claim when the manufacturer says about IP certification (Ingress protection) for ex IP67. Also, take a look of IP certification system

  • Charging the battery with external chargers for battery: Don’t charge your battery with external charger (in which you have to take the battery out of your device). They are unreliable and have extremely slow charging times. Also, there’s always the risk of damaging your battery with those chargers as no software plays the role of stabilizing the voltage and current.
  • Installing apps with unnecessary permissions

    While installing apps from the Playstore check for the required permissions for that app. Unnecessary permissions can cause battery drain and spyware.

    on your device. Ex- if a flashlight app asks for call logs, contact information then it might be spyware.

So these are are the common things that you need to avoid.

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