Bluetooth president floated this is the best we’ve been on the Internet today

Bluetooth president floated this is the best we’ve been on the Internet today

Bluetooth speaker - Bluetooth president

I hear a lot of music and I mean a lot. I was always surrounded by music; either in the car or in the shower. So when I find something new in the audio department that I was excited and this has me stumped floated speaker and vibrant. This does not sound like a good speaker as the highest level, but the trick is definitely an attraction. If you already know the inner workings of the magnet, which is exactly how this works.

This Bluetooth Speaker Can Levitate While You Listen To Music

This speaker Bluetooth drift while listening to music
Square air or Treatment2 have two pieces of equipment that makes the appeal of floating-levitation speaker and supporter base. speaker floats above the base, and mixing with a magnet and can also fill in while floating. The speaker is also equipped with a microphone that can be used to make calls. The speaker itself is a giant magnet that float, because there are two very strong magnet hidden in the two annexes.

Speakers cost around Rs 18,000 and is now available at Amazon. However, keep in mind, you will not get quality speakers if you choose this route. Point buying this drift, it is magnetised to impress people with his tricks or people with a creepy troll song that would scare the shit out of them. You can also view floating known the real purpose behind it. I suppose I could float my boat … I mean my speakers.

Photo: © Air2 (Main Image)

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