Myths and solutions for safety of your android device

Security and android

Android is the most open operating system to the user. But this openness creates security issues and bugs, most of the issues are aware and junk-ware. You’ll rarely find any kind of virus in Android OS although any kind of external storage device like micro sd card can get infected with Android. Which later causes spread of infection whenever they are attached to Pcs or laptops. So what is the solution to security issues?
First of all: 

Every antivirus in the play store is completely useless and they themselves cause adware issues and junk file issues. Applications like DU speed booster, Clean master, AVG, CM security Avira and every other app like are completely useless and full of adware and junk. Moreover, battery optimizing apps are also junk and adware. They promise that they will optimize phone performance and battery but they just kill all the background running processes for a couple of minutes but all of the killed applications gets restarted instantly after the kill. And the process of restarting of background apps causes heavy load on the device components which gradually results in battery life degradation.

Some of the Android antivirus applications comes wit a subscription. I’m telling you if you ever purchase them then you are a baboon with a disguise of human, They are complete useless and unworthy. They are just a ripoff of the PC antivirus software.
So what’s the solution to the security problems and bugs ??
Just keep your phone away from any kind of optimizing or antivirus program in the playstore.
You can download Clean master from the playstore BUT  uninstall after the clean up of your device. If you keep it in your mobile then it will drop junk files and adverts into your device. Even it has the capability of dropping a advertisement video into your gallery. It can cause you additional data charge by downloading unnecessary ads so be aware if you are low on data. Install it, clean the phone and uninstall three simple steps.
To make sure that your micro sd card is not infected just turn off your device and take it out and use a card reader to connect it to a windows Pc with a legit antivirus program installed. You just need to manually scan the sd card. After the Scan eject it safely and put it back to your device and guess what you are done.
If you ever feel that your device is not working upto the mark then there’s only one solution to it i.e, Factory reset. Just backup your contacts and installed applications and do a simple factory reset.
So that’s all for security of android devices.

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