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Since the beginning of android, it was possible to edit word documents and spreadsheets. But it was a total miniature version of the real office suite. In the early days of Android, only editing of docs was possible, you can’t create new documents within the applications. Many application supported the functionality of creating documents with in the application but they all came at a high price or a subscription basis. But things have changed now you get all the features for free without paying a single penny.


In the early smartphone days, it was widely believed that mobile phones have insufficient power to process docs and spreadsheets. But today you can even create high-quality presentations with Android devices. You don’t need a full-size computer to create docs, spreadsheet or presentations all you need is a decent phone with good hardware support. In the early days of Android, there were many competitors for office suite software with similar functionality. ThinkFree Office, WPS office, office suite by mobile systems, Polaris but today the competition is very limited. Today only Google office suite and Microsoft office suite are the biggest rivals in Android.  We all know Microsoft’s office suite is the king of office suites in pc. Even they came with their suite for Android late but they instantly dominated the Google play store.

Microsoft has three separate applications: Word, Excel, power point meant for word processing, spreadsheet management, managing presentations (respectively). All of them looks and perform magnificently well in Android devices. Microsoft’s office suite looks best with Android tablets with a high range of functions which almost feels like the desktop version. All through the application size after installation is huge which might be a problem for entry level devices with low memory. But Midrange devices and High-end devices works like breeze with Microsoft’s office suite.

Microsoft released their office suite late into Android because they wanted to make their office suite a selling feature for the windows phones but all their efforts on windows phone have failed miserably. The factor which made windows phone unique is no more a unique factor now it’s general to all the people. The ironic fact is that the Android version of the office suite has more features than the windows phone version.

Google and the future:

Google on the other hand also put their effort to make a functional office suite for Android. Their office suite first came as a single application but recently they divided it into three major standalone apps (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google slides). They all feel native to Android with Google’s material design and app integration. The Google’s initiative towards mobile office suite is also very effective although most of the feature of their apps are based on a working internet connection thus they are also very lightweight on the android devices.

The user experience of their office suite is very clean and basic, highly recommended for new users or armatures. On the other hand, Microsoft’s office suite feels more professional and complex so it’s totally up to the user’s personal preference. Both are well equipped with cloud technologies. Google works with its Google drive and Microsoft works with their own One drive (formerly SkyDrive). Any other application than these two is a complete rip-off. It is highly recommended to use from these two only. Any other subscription based office suite will be a complete waste of precious money.

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