Apple watch 2 could begin this year with a GPS & faster processor

Apple watch 2 could begin this year with a GPS & faster processor

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Apple is launching two new smart watches in the coming months, it is expected that both models offer better features and improvements over existing models.

Look Apple has seen sales decline significantly because there are no important applications available for SmartWatch. According to Ming-Chi Kuo analyst reliable, there will be two devices that will be launched, not one. It is expected that one of the models to be updated from the current model with better sealing and a new, faster and more efficient processor clock.

Overtime will be a new brand of watches that are programmed to apples 2. According to Kuo, SmartWatch equipped with GPS receivers independent, barometer and will also sport a larger battery. Apple should not change the design and also suspect that there will not thinner.

How much of this speculation is true, only time will tell. However, Ming-Chi Kuo was very specific in their predictions in the past, but also transformed the way your new information.

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