A Microsoft Application to the camera for the Apple iPhone does better

A Microsoft application to the camera for the Apple iPhone does better


Microsoft has made a request that the application is probably the simplest camera ever made for the iPhone and iPad. Of course, Microsoft is very bold to say that although there is some substance behind the claim. The application is called Pix and Microsoft have been testing the app since its launch and has not disappointed.

microsoft application© Microsoft

You can take a picture and as the Prism application, Microsoft uses artificial intelligence to adjust the best adapted to the picturesque scene settings. The phone application is not as complicated as the native application, as there are no other parameters such as HDR or any complicated configuration of the exhibition. In fact, the application encourages you simply point and shoot and the application is responsible for processing.

According to Microsoft, Pix will take pictures as if they were taken and edited by a professional photographer. And I agree with that statement, because it does a very good job.

Pix is able to take pictures before and after the shooting and retains the best shots and removes the rest so that all memory will not eat. As there are no settings to adjust automatically select the best images for you and is very accurate in doing. It can also identify the movement and adjust the images to create a video loop that application of Boomerang. The application is also able to create hyper-lapse videos that are applying for road photography.

Pix is availabe for iPhone and iPad here


Photo: © Reuters (Main Image)

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