A massive latest leak confirms iPhone 7 and release date

A massive latest leak confirms iPhone 7 and release date

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The latest leaked iPhone 7 has given us some important information and confirm that surrounds phones highest expected this year. There are many leaks in recent months; However, this time, it is therapy Unbox.

Unbox therapy is one of the most popular YouTube channel has more than 5 million subscribers and is considered one of the most reliable sources of information in the world of technology. This channel is obtained subsequent chassis iPhone Plus or 7 as rumored to be called ‘iPhone Pro 7’.

channel shows the chassis in detail, because they indicate major changes in hardware and a larger screen of 5.5 inches. The phone is equipped with a dual-lens camera as mentioned earlier, the previous leaks and missing headphone jack. In principle, any annoying feature hoped it would be wrong. The phone also features twin external speakers to fill the gap of the missing headphone jack. The video also confirms the blue variant is being speculated a few weeks ago. For more information about chassis view video Unbox Therapy follows:

Around rumor, @evleaks confirmed the release date and pre-order information last night. According to him, the iPhone 7 will be available for pre-order on September 9 and will likely be launched on 16 September.

So how can we assume this is true? Well, @evleaks is the most reliable source of information and has a remarkable track record. In recent years, predictions have point and we all know how Apple loves Wednesday; It is expected that an official announcement on September 7.

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