5 The other things I want to know before you start playing Pokemon Go

5 The other things You want to know before you start playing Pokemon Go


 We all need advice to be good at something. Our final piece Pokemon Go accepted pretty well. If you are reading this, that means you need help. 5 tips and important tips will help you improve your game. You know how the game works, but these advanced tips will help you realize your desire to catch more Pokemon on pokemon go.

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1. Quick shots weaken Pokemon

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This is an extract from one end; However, these cheap tactics can help you catch your Pokémon more effectively. Once you find Pokemon on pokemon go, there is an animation that put up a fight. Just before the Pokeball icon appears, you have to touch the ball because you will throw the ball at speed. Think of it like a laser beam right as a shot can be. Not only will you catch Pokemon easily, but can also score bonus XP. Some Pokémon can be difficult to leave the ball. However, they will be weakened significantly.

2. Use eggs One lucky to evolve your Pokemon

An egg double XP lucky for 30 minutes, which means that every time you catch Pokémon in the long time, you get double XP as it should. Pidgeys is most common to appear and do not want to ignore them. Pidgeys Grab as much as you can because it is the process of evolution and also give you XP. The combination of egg and an easy evolution Lucky will get at least 4000 + experience.

3. Walking is an easy and large egg

Each time an egg from a capture Pokestops, you need to incubate the eggs in the incubator. The way it works is that the game continues its movement via GPS and hatching eggs is established if the distance is over. However, it will not be monitoring the distance if you are on a train or bus. not even work if you walk on the treadmill, because it is a pedometer. However, if you want this hack, you can roll slowly in the car or on a bike, but be careful. You can also buy an incubator to save time because they are the best items are sold in the game anyway.

4. Care important gyms

After failing miserably I finally realized how you can beat the tough gyms. You can use your PC down appropriate type of hunting to acquire the gym. If you try to beat the gym with friends to make your job easier. However, the trick is to attack. Because you can only use a Pokemon, it is 1v1 better and win the fight quickly. After defeating escape and repeat the process. You get XP to overcome them and build a reputation. It is also necessary to ensure that no one else is trying to take over the gym, because it can make your job harder.

5. Preserve It Stardust

Not, I repeat, does not lose its Stardust at every level of Pokémon until you reach level 20. The only time you can ignore this rule is when you find a rare Pokémon that have high CPR. After level 20, if the level of Pokémon go you’ll get more XP and increase your catch rate. Even low level Pokemon go PC may appear to have a higher than usual. And this is why you should keep your Stardust for their Pokemon.

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