4 common mistakes small website owners should avoid at all times!


For small business owners, website’s plays an important marketing, and branding role. The fact that small businesses can’t cope with hefty marketing budgets, make it even more important to effectively design a website that can lure, and attract customers to their place. A good web design should be able to answer all queries in visitors’ mind, and address them in an engaging tone; so they actually make a purchase.

A wrongly done website design directly translate into hundreds and thousands of lost dollars. In fact, in the longer run, a bad website design cost the entire business for small business owners.

Here we list some of the most common mistakes in small business websites, which you need to avoid in order to extract more revenues from your website.

– Incomplete Homework

The first and foremost aspect for any website design project is to understand the targeted audience. Before getting onto the nerves of web design agency, you should be able to understand your target audience, and then only you should go ahead with the targeted website design.

Let us assume a case scenario where you want to target an older audience. In this case, you need to keep your font size larger than normal to be able to offer ease of understanding to an older audience. Similarly, in another scenario, where you want to target younger demography, you should imply more efforts to make your website design mobile friendly.

The bottom line: Before you hire a web design agency, make sure you understand your target audience precisely. This will only help you to create a more relatable website to potential customers.

  1. Cluttered Design

At Starlinks – we are a professional website design, and SEO specialist company in New Zealand, and we understand that a successful website for small businesses relies more on marketing the website, rather than a flashy cluttered website.

Your web design shouldn’t be filled with flashy substances, rather it should be aimed to offer visitors value for their time spent on the website. The web design should have a neat, and clean interface, with easy navigation tools. This will help visitors to reach their destination service or product they are looking for.

Not to forget, cluttered website design looks absolutely messy, and rubbish on mobile devices, and if your web design isn’t mobile compatible, you can be sure of losing massive traffic volumes, and potential revenue already.

The Bottom Line: A successful website for small businesses come with a neat and clean interface and easy navigability. Your focus should be to offer them value for their time, rather impress them with sticky, flashy objects.

  1. No clear Call to Action

What’s the whole purpose of your web design project? Have you just designed the website for the sake of designing, or you actually want to make sales out of it?

Obviously, no one wants to show-off their skills without earning revenues. You actually want visitors to get in touch with you, subscribe to your newsletters, and actually make a purchase for your products or services.

To achieve this you need to insert proper, targeted, and clear call to actions (CTAs). This will help customers relate better to your services and make the transaction you desperately want them to make.

  1. Irrelevant, Flat Content

This is one of the most common mistakes made by small business website owners. Remember, without purposely written content your website design isn’t going to catch the attention of visitors. Besides, an irrelevant, stale content will also affect your search engine rankings, which will translate into lower visibility, and lower traffic.


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