10 reasons why android is superior to iOS

It’s been a really long time since Android and iOS are competing for each other. Both of them have created their own fan boys. As they provide a tailored experience to their users. The smartphone revolution has created a door to new possibilities. As now businesses are not just limited to shops and PCs they are mobile. Android has been the dominant player in the smartphone market with a market share of 84.7 percent. However, with the launch of new iPhones, Apple is always able to attract a lot of customers to their brand. And the revenue shares are still in the favor of Apple. That’s why Apple stands as the richest company in the world. So let’s discuss why Android is superior to iOS. Note: I will be making a list in the favor of iOS.

Why Android is superior to iOS:

  1. More devices: When it comes to choice. Android has got plenty of players in the market. You can choose from Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Huawei. And the list is endless. Furthermore, this enables the user select devices according to his specification needs. For example, not everybody needs an NFC chip on their phone. But on the other hand iOS devices are pretty standard and there’s not much scope for choice. However, in the recent time, Apple has introduced variants of their flagship. But if we compare this to Android, then it’s nothing. The open source nature of Android makes more companies to implement.
  2. Better pricing options: Not everyone needs the top notch specs. And paying the extra money for the flag-ship specs unnecessarily is not a wise step. In Android, you get the complete choice to select your device. A customer can buy a cheap entry level device or a top notch flagship as well. The power of Android helps us to use the popular apps even on a cheaper device. On the other hand, Apple always remains a premium brand. They always concentrate on the flagship market instead of the budget market.
  3. The power of customization: Android gives you the possibility to tailor your device according to your needs. You can literally personalize your device according to your taste and preference. Furthermore, Android gives you the opportunity to fiddle with customs ROMs as well. This takes customization to a whole new level. In addition to that, brands like Motorola, LG have taken this customization to a different state. In Apple devices, you are only stuck with cosmetic changes. And in the name of customization, you can only change the wallpaper and folder arrangement.
  4. The options of a widget: Android widgets have been so popular since their launch in the early days. They give you the information and control of your device at a glance. Furthermore, you can control or view the info of your device without opening a respective app. Apple still lacks behind in the inclusion of widgets into their smartphone. They only added a few widgets to the notification panel of iOS.
  5. Real multitasking: With the revolutions in the specifications of the smartphone. We have seen the need and functionality of multitasking. We really want to use Facebook while editing a picture. You might say that Apple devices do a really good job with multitasking. As they have got decent optimization over the apps. But the real multitasking only comes with Android. In the early days of Android manufacturers like Samsung had announced multi window for enhanced multitasking. On the other hand, you need to jump from one app to another in the case of iOS devices. Today, even Google’s stock android is providing you the feature of multi-window with their latest offering.
  6. Launchers, icon packs, live wallpapers: If you try to personalize an iPhone then you can only do a few things. But in the case Android everything is different. If you get tired of the same look on your device, then you can change it in a blink of an eye. There are thousands of replacements available in the Play Store. You can change every single visual setting on your smartphone. This gives it completely different look every time you change it. Finally, if you happen to like the look of iOS then you can also imitate that on your Android device without hassle.
  7. The custom ROMS: Well, this point is valid only for the advanced users. You can change the complete ROM of your Android device. Big communities like XDA helps the users to build custom ROMs tailored of their devices. This process of custom ROM further increases the possibility of the device. You can also install completely different operating systems on your smartphone with the help of custom ROMS. Do that in a iOS device then you will have a bricked device.
  8. Google at your doorstep: Android is owned by Google and the company is responsible for launching all the latest features. And you must be well aware of the importance of Google in the recent years. The internet giant grabs most of the internet traffic. With their web based services like Gmail, maps, docs, etc. people are living with ease. Therefore, owning an Android device gives you a better experience of Google services. Surely, you will say that Apple devices also have the Google apps but they don’t have all the latest features.
  9. The Google Now integration: Apple may have got the gimmicky Siri. But Google is way ahead of the competition with Google now. This voice search app is highly intuitive and efficient in delivering the results. The app monitors your day to day activates and provides you with the most relevant information to your mobile screen. In addition, if we compare Google now with Siri then surely Google Now is more straightforward in every single way. You always get what you asked for without any riddles. The daily information cards in Google Now is very helpful during the day. It also keeps us updated with the information of our surroundings.
  10. Free apps and games: Although there are plenty of free apps and games in iOS. But Android is way ahead with its collection of free apps and games. You will find more alternatives to an app. In some cases, iOS counter parts of an app are paid. Android features the freemium model of the app marketplace. This model is based on an ad-supported model to ensure more customers. And this model is also responsible for decreasing the level of piracy.
  11. Fair competition leads to more innovation: There’s no doubt that over the years Apple has managed to maintain their legacy. And their iOS have seen signification development and changes. But their success made them stubborn, which resulted in a lack of innovation. They introduce only a single new feature with their new devices. Apple devices never managed to keep up with the revolutions of the Android market. For example, it is 2017 and they still haven’t introduced wireless charging into their devices. And they introduced water resistant technology after six years of their Android counterparts. You might be getting the new shiny device but you’ll always fall behind the modern innovations. For example, Motorola has managed to introduce shatterproof glass in their smartphone, which is quite a revolution. While on the other hand, in the name of revolution Apple has only removed the traditional headphone jack from their smartphone.

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