10 Best iOS apps for August 2016

10 Best iOS apps for August 2016


In the vast ocean of applications, it is very difficult to go to those who are actually useful. If you go through your iPhone, you will find one or two applications that are not used, but there was room phone memory. No download thousands of applications, and the ultimate test of this amazing application that will definitely add more value to your iPhone.

1. Prisma

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The whole world is going crazy Prisma and you can not blame them because this application is very unique and interesting. The use of AI technology (Artificial Intelligence), this app turns even the most boring pictures into stunning works of art inspired by the style of artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Levitan. You need to check if you did not.

2. Letterboxd

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Letterboxd is ideal for all addicts who live and breathe movies film applications. With this app you can not only see your favorite movies and popular, but also displays information about the cast and crew of the film, watch movies and share with family and friends. In fact, you can record movies by date, classification and labeling, and also check user profiles and monitor their activities.

3. Memrise

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Memrise is learning language applications where you can explore more than 100 languages, including Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian and Arabic to name a few. In fact, this application also has different game modes and the benefits that can improve your memory and help you learn the language easier.

4. Forest

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Sometimes it’s really hard to sharpen our focus and concentration. This application is a self-motivation method to overcome addiction to mobile phones. This “small” ironic that the application to stop “addicted to mobile phones.” In essence, a seed that grows slowly on a tree in the next 30 minutes were planted. If you can not resist the temptation of use the phone, the tree will die. Try this app and let us know if it helped.

5. 1Blocker

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When you watch a video or play on our iPhone, which is very annoying to see the pop-up ads out of nowhere. This application is very blocks of content blocks and ad tracking script by pressing the button. There is nothing more than advertising, you can also block the share button, adult sites, pastel notification, widgets and sensitive social commentary.

6. Moves

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Regarding health and fitness, motivation is a big fight. But if there is an application that tracks your daily activities and constantly pushed to work to achieve your fitness goals? “Mutation” has amazing features such as automatic detection of their activity, received today in a simpler time, you can see the locations that have been taken and use these data to other applications.

7. Poke Radar

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Meanwhile, obsessed with Pokemon Go, who agree with you also that after the lock looked bored, and again the same Pokemon. This application is what you need. radar meter uses a map to help you find “unusual Pokémon. In fact, this application allows you to set filters so you can find the location of certain types of Pokémon.

8. Swiggy

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A platform to demand more affordable food, Swiggy is a remarkable application to be processed. In fact, one does not even need to worry about the size of the minimum or maximum order for Swiggy also offer these items if you want. Paranthas crisp sin Swiggy everything and provide food super speed.  This is one of the Best IOS apps

9. 5miles

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5 miles is an application that helps you to buy and sell products in your area at a great price. And “super easy, upload your photos and get the list in seconds. You can also add a personal touch by words or made attempts to send text messages. This application is safe to use and the members of the implementation team constantly examining new announcement. This is one of the Best IOS apps.

10. Secret Apps

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Sensitive applications store all personal data is protected and stored on the device that no one else can access different from yours. And “protected by a password and disguised as a normal iOS folder. The interesting thing is that if someone tries to enter the application and find your personal data, these applications take a photo, mark a location for the incident and store them on the device for your reference. This is one of the Best IOS apps

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