10 Best games for Android in August 2016

10 Best games for Android in August 2016

1. Pokémon Go

I say that we really need? Lorem after a few weeks, was created to explore the game Pokemon and capture the rage and madness delay. More recently, it was the cause of the evil messenger of the best games. But in reality, deep Pokemon game and not downloaded, and you can expect? Download now!

2. Crashlands

Controls will end dabesi errors committed ultrices dolor Galaxy, and head for outer sense. Batur, which covers and packaging and fight for a new home, a bad day, and I have not found Woanope elite.

3. Punch Club

In this game, you train hard for a slap in the face of the book, which was founded in boxing tycoon. So when I play the game, you need to know who had killed his father, and learning.

4. Redcon

Your mayor know that men have been hit explosion, and came to the end of the war, WW1, and now, with the end of the war. Them, and in the fight against the power of the game is to create a force, and promotion of Commonwealth troops.

5. Big Bang Racing

Racing games where the show Big Bang is a treasure that we run faster than necessary to gather players from all over the world, and the commands of the problem. In fact, your spouse, and you can customize the behavior of all levels, measures will work, and when the news spread to more wear.

6. Catan

Catan is a legendary enemy in battle strategy game, most of the streets and most of the army. And he could repeat all the precious things of the earth to the other players, the legend of this action. The game is similar to Monopoly can provide, but it is worth.

7. Dungeon Boss

The company is strong in order to protect it in the room, in the game Jail’s head and stealing his invasion lot to your advantage. Troll track soldiers could not clear the killer, Ninja, and ate sacrifices big part of the brain. very interesting game, it will be observed.

8. Ghostbusters: Slime City

Lyon is the operation of the paranormal, as a new idea of the city, you broke, and now have made the investment. Ghostbusters, but he has taken possession of all the evil forces in many of you are planning for your home in the area.

9. Order And Chaos Duels

Best games of Android

Change things and put an end to the confusion in the world of fantasy; Arcu turpis virtus nisl on one level, dealing with evil. Destruction of fantasy art in general 300 card, you need to collect. Platform You can also go online multiplayer battles, and are easy to optimize.

10. Ranking quad ATV

Bike tours in the desert and in the mountains, snow, beach, mountain, adventure and ATV racing game. There are 500 beautiful graphics and features like an impressive improvement in the speed of the ATV Turbo fast, and to select the other three; many games from all the other races.

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