Some essential technical skills helpful for your career

Extra knowledge and skills are always helpful because in this competitive era getting a job is a difficult indeed. Remember one thing, if you want to boost your career develop many digital and technical skills as soon as possible.

 It can bring your career into next level. Plenty of technical skill are available that you can learn but i have choose some of them. I hope you will like the post.

  1. Social media

Social media is a platform in which you can share everything but i bet you don’t know that social media is very helpful for  finding career opportunities. It is become a powerful marketing option nowadays. Most of the businesses and worldwide organizations are developing a social media platforms to promote their brands and connect with their customers. With knowledge, experience and skills you can create our own online brand.

Some of the most popular social media websites are Facebook, google+, twitter, what’s app, Instagram, YouTube. Use Facebook, to create any page related to your website and post the content of your website on it. Google+ and Twitter allows you to learn the current trends. To send the link of your website to a specific group of people you can use whats app. Choose Instagram to share the photos of your website. Use YouTube to build a channel, add content and monetize your videos.

  1. Website designing 

    Creating a blog and making that blog into a website is a quite easy task, if you know website designing. One of the most important skills that can boost your career. Website is judged by the group of people and it gives you more traffic. So design a website which loads faster and leaves a perfect view in the mind of others.

Website designing is a combination of multiple elements like ->

Graphics – graphics involves icons, clip art, logos, photos. Create a user friendly graphics.

Fonts – selecting best fonts can make your website more attractive. A variety of fonts are available in website designing.

Content –  one of the most important factor to consider is content. The written text should always be helpful, use relevant keywords and the user will always remains on your site.

Layout – layout means everything should be balanced. Graphics, fonts, content should be arranged in a perfect manner.

  1. Search engine optimization

Commonly known as SEO. The purpose of creating a website is to reach maximum number of people. SEO does the same thing for you. It is a medium by which you can save your time and money. Basically SEO is a process by which your created content makes your website appears as high as possible on search engine like google, bing.

SEO is all about designing websites, writing quality contents, use of meta tags, back links and how you publicize your content. The career opportunities are high in this field because google or any other search engine never reveal the factors that can attract more traffic on your website.
Learning SEO is very simple. You can use google or YouTube.

  1. Microsoft Excel

Lets start with introducing, what is Microsoft excel?
Microsoft excel is a spreadsheet application program which allows user to keep records and maintaining them. It is different from any other Microsoft office application

Working in Microsoft excel is very simple, it saves our time because with million rows and 16,000 columns it is capable of storing huge amount of data. Second reason is it save our money that’s why is widely used. Learn excel skills to find the best jobs either it is online or offline.

  1. Image and video editing

Image editing refers to modifying the quality or adding special effects to the image and removing unwanted elements of the image using different tools, techniques and software. Editing involves focus, attention and experience because some images leaves negative impact on the people. Develop a healthy relationship with photographers, keep tracking all the photos you like, work on your knowledge of photography and you will build up a career in image editing.

Video editing is a process of making a simple video into a perfect one. Job of video editor is trending nowadays. The editing process contains a lot of time involves selecting best graphics for a video, removing unusable footage and sound effects can be another important factor. You can start up a career with senior


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