Fascinating facts about Isaac Newton


One couldn’t skip the name of Isaac Newtown while reading about Physics. He has contributed a lot to the modern day physics. His universal laws are applied in every single practical task. Students are taught well about his laws and discoveries. As matter of fact, no one is unaware of the story of the falling apple over his head that leads to his discovery of gravitational force. Albert Einstein may have been a great mind in the world of Physics. But no one could underestimate the legacy of the father of Physics.


Here are some fascinating facts about Isaac Newtown:

  • He hated his stepfather:

    Yes, he never liked his stepfather. In fact, he was complete of his affair with his mother as he was sent to his grandmother. Isaac became the victim of verbal as well as physical abuse.

  • The Apple story is different:

    Yes, your entire childhood has been a lie. The real story behind the fall of the Apple is completely different than you are taught. In reality, Isaac was merely looking out of a window when he saw an apple fall from a tree. However, adding a little spice to the story makes it more memorable and recognizable.

  • No one expected him to survive as a child:

    He was a premature child, who was born 15 early than the expected delivery. He was so small that he could fit into a small bowl.

  • His birth date is not clear yet:

    People claim that he was born on January 4. But according to the Georgian calendar, he was born on Christmas.

  • He also researched about the 2012 Apocalypse:

    He did a good research about the end of the world and drew the conclusion that the World would end no sooner than 2060. In fact, he did the research based on scientific experiments as well as interpretation of the Bible.

  • He was also a politician:

    He spent a year as a member of parliament. But he never took any interest into politics. Thus, he was mainly committed to science. One time he stood up in the Parliament, everyone was expecting that he will say something important. But he just said someone to close a window.

  • His laboratory got burned due to his dog:

    His pet dog set fire to his laboratory while he was away. Over 20 years of his research got destroyed by this fire.

  • He became a victim of depression:

    This may have happened because of the fact that his hair showed huge amounts of mercury. Too much mercury can drive a sane person insane. He used to isolate in his labs and interacted less to the outside world.

  • One of the highest IQ ever:

    Long before the IQ tests were invented it is widely estimated that Isaac had a high IQ level of 190. Which is incredibly high even by today’s standard. There’s no wonder how he was so ahead of his time and managed to develop so many things.

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