The White Revolution: Amul


India has been a victim of exploitation from the middle ages. Even today this is rampant among the people. 65 years ago poor farmers were the victim of this problem. They used to work for hours and hours but the local traders used to take most of the profits from their production. Frustrated from the unfair practices of the traders the leaders of the village approached Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Who advised them to work for themselves by cutting the middlemen out. Then the farmers started their own cooperative societies to resolve the problem.

In the beginning, they only produced 247 liters of milk. But later it got transformed into a 3.6 million milk producers that produce over 14.85 million liters of milk every single day. Amul really changed the lives of many poor farmers who are responsible for taking our nation to new heights. The popular movement came to known as the “white revolution”.

Hard facts about the company: 

  • Founded in 1946 in Anand. They planned to stop the exploitation of the farmers by the traders.
  • The Gujrat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation manages Amul. They have collaborated with over 3.6 million milk producers in the state of Gujrat.
  • Amul created the White Revolution India. Which also listed India at the top of milk producing nations.
  • Dr. Verghese Kurien is the key founder of Amul. He is often labeled as the father of the White Revolution in India.
  • Presently, there are more than 15 million milk producers that contribute to the country.
  • Amul has become a global brand, it is spread over 50 countries. There are over 7200 exclusives in India alone.
  • Amul also holds a Guinness World record title for its longest advertisement campaigning.

So how Amul became such a big brand in India?

  1. Their legendary ad campaign: 

    No one in India is unaware of the iconic Amul Girl. She has been the part of their product since the very beginning. She works as the mascot to promote the brand over the country. The cartoon figure has gained massive popularity for its long and consistent nature. Advertising experts often describe the Amul girl as of the best Indian advertising models.

  2. Their innovative nature: 

    From the very inception of the brand, they have been innovative in every aspect. They took the risk of launching new products into the market, created iconic advertising campaigns. As a matter of fact, they were the first brand in the world to produce skimmed milk powder from buffalo milk. Amul changed the traditional operation of a brand by creating a three-tiered cooperative structure. Which made them a very cost effective brand.

  3. They have strong brand value: 

    All of their products are marketed under the name of Amul. Which itself is a well-established brand because of its glorious past (white revolution). Moreover, their products focus on promoting their parent company rather than themselves. This strategy helps the entire brand stand as a unified brand and results in less advertising costs.

  4. Their efficient supply to the consumers: 

    Amul has tied up with the cooperative societies of village or milk unions. Which helps to collect the milk at the village dairy society. later the milk gets processed in some plants. This method eliminates all the middlemen and ensures proper sufficient supply to the consumers. In 1970s Amul took the first initiative to start this efficient method of collecting milk. Above all, Amul made India the largest milk producer in the world.

  5. A diverse range of products: 

    Their wide range of products has managed to establish the faith of the consumers. From kids to grown up everyone uses their products at some point. Butter, milkshake, Lassi, Cheese, Dahi, the list is countless. They even produce Ice-cream. This wide variety of products for every segment further contributed to its huge success.

Amul has really helped India to stand as an agricultural giant in the world. As a matter of fact, they have enabled countless farmers to become entrepreneurs who earn their own living. The company is responsible for eliminating exploitation. We can say that Amul is not just a brand but a movement that ensured economic freedom of the farmers. Amul has given them the opportunity to expand and live independently. Their tagline “Amul the taste of India” is really true considering their success.

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