Top 10 Largest Cricket Stadiums in the World

Invented in England, Shepherds used to play Cricket in their pass time. However, soon it became a national sensation among the people of England. And in 1958 it came to the television. Since then Cricket has been one of the most popular sport in the world. People expect the bigger the stadium the better and interesting the game will be. Therefore, below are the largest stadiums in the world.

  • Roop Singh and Green Park Stadium: 

    In the tenth spot, we got the Roop Singh and Green Park stadium. Both are located in India and have a seating capacity of 45,000 people. The stadium is known to have hosted over 10 ODI matches. And the first match was held in 1988. On the other hand, Green park stadium is the only proper cricket stadium present in Uttar Pradesh. Furthermore, it’s not just limited to a cricket stadium, various other sports are played there as well. Both of them rank at the 10 spot in the largest cricket stadiums in the world.

  • ACA-VDCA Stadium: 

    Located at Visakhapatnam, India. ACA-VDCA holds the ninth spot on our list. The stadium can easily support up to 46,000 viewers at one time. Furthermore, it is also the birth place of the Deccan Chargers (A team in IPL). The Stadium was built in 2003 and has managed to conduct 5 ODI matches till date. In addition to that, it has also hosted popular local league championships like the IPL. And its ground is capable of supporting both day and night matches.

  • Eden Park: 

    Located in Auckland, New Zealand. Eden Park can hold up 50,000 Cricket enthusiasts at once. In addition to that, it is also the home of the New Zealand National Team. And it remains to be the largest stadium in entire New Zealand. But don’t think that the stadium is only used to play cricket. As they also play various games of Rugby as well. Just like the Green Park Stadium of India, Eden park also serves as a multi purpose stadium used for cricket and rugby.

  • Jawaharlal Nehru, Pune, Sardar Patel and Rajiv Gandhi Stadiums: 

    All of these stadiums are located in India. And all of them falls on the 7th spot of our list. Each of them provides the same seating capacity of 55,000 cricket fans. The stadiums are often hired by local teams too. The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium was first built as a Football stadium but later the game of Cricket was also introduced into this stadium. However, its location in the middle of the busy city makes it the noisiest cricket stadiums in the world.

  • Ma Chidambaram Stadium: 

    perhaps at this point this list you might we well aware of the craziness of Indians about the game. As the majority of the largest stadiums are located in India. The Ma Chidambaram Stadium holds the sixth spot on our list and ties with the contender in the fifth spot. Ma Chidambaram Stadium is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is also the birth place of Chennai Super Kings.

  • Gaddafi Stadium: 

    Located in Lahore, Pakistan. The Gaddafi Stadium can easily support up to 60,000 spectators at once. Furthermore, it is also the home to the Lahore Eagles and Lahore Lions. And it also remains the head office of Pakistan Cricket Board.

  • Raipur International Cricket Stadium: 

    Another Indian Stadium into our list. The Raipur International Cricket Stadium is the home of the famous IPL team Delhi Daredevils. Furthermore, it is also the second largest second in India and supports up to 65,000 cricket fans at once. However, it is not just limited to a cricket ground various sports are also played in this stadium.

  • Anz Stadium: 

    Australia is also well known for being the dominant player in Cricket. The Anz Stadium is located in Sydney and it can hold up to 83,500 spectators at once. Earlier, architects had planned to give it a seating capacity of 83,500 viewers. However, it was revised by some rules and regulations regulated by the International cricket council. New South Wales Blues and the Australian National Team often practices on this ground. The remains one of the most spectacular and beautiful stadiums in the world. That’s why it has managed to hold the third spot in the list of World’s largest cricket stadiums.

  • Eden Gardens: 

    Indians are really obsessed with the game of cricket. As a matter of fact, the Indian cricket team has remained the best team for a long while. Ironically, cricket isn’t even their national sport (Hockey is). Every year Indian get stuck to their television sets while watching the local champions league (IPL). Now, coming back to our list, The Eden Garden is located in Kolkata. This stadium has an enormous capacity of 90,000 cricket fans. Furthermore, it is also the home ground of the famous IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders owned by Shahrukh Khan.

    Constructed in 1864, it is believed to the most iconic cricket grounds in the world. As many records have been made on this ground. In addition to that, the stadium also holds the rich British heritage during the colonial period in India. The Eden Gardens has managed to hold the second spot of our list of largest Cricket stadiums in the world.

  • Melbourne Cricket Ground: 

    On the number one spot, the Melbourne Cricket Ground shines with its best accommodations. The stadium can hold more than 10,000 spectators and fans in its premises. Furthermore, it is also the home to famous Victorian Bushrangers. The Australian National Cricket Team often practices in this stadium. You can surely say that Australians are also among the biggest Cricket fans.

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