M.S Dhoni: The coolest Indian captain

Okay, some of you might argue and place Kapil Dev into this position. But I’m strictly talking about the modern day cricket which includes various forms of games. He is responsible for his excellent captaincy and several records including most wins by an Indian captain in Tests and One Day Internationals. His influence is also evident in the Test Cricket format.

Furthermore, his captaincy included the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup and the 2011 ICC Cricket world cup and many other notable series. Many people have tried to drag him into controversy and politics but he has remained loyal to the game and his fans. In addition, people have accused him of match fixing but he very cool mindedly managed to face the false allegations.

Here are some factors that make him the coolest Indian captain:

  • His confidence: 

    Not everyone has the confidence to face the press. That too when you come from a small village where everything is supposed to be backward. But M.S Dhoni has managed to prove this fact wrong. He always remains confident and answers the press accordingly without getting shy. But that doesn’t mean he is overconfident about himself. He always remained the true himself no matter whether he is facing the corporate world or the sporting world.

  • No ego only the real self: 

    He always kept any kind of ego out of his game and team. As a matter of fact, he further tried to maintain ego issues among the Indian team. His captaincy not only concentrated on the athletic performance of the players but also their behaviors. This was something new to the Indian team. But he always respected his senior players like Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar.

  • Managing success: 

    Handling success and fame is a hard thing at a young age. Cause in most of the cases people end up being the spoilt kid. But M.S Dhoni proved himself by managing his fame and success. As a matter of fact, he got fame and money at a very young age that most of us could only dream of. But he always managed to maintain that success by being modest and humble to the people around him. He took control over his wealth without spending it into useless things or doing drugs. And he never showed any kind of ego over his success. Which made him retain his fame in the longer run.

  • Handling pressure: 

    Many cricketers (Bangladeshi, Pakistani) have tried to provoke him while playing the game. But he always retained a calm temper and retained to be cool with them. I wonder that anyone else could do that? Many people over the internet made Memes about him but in return, he just remained a gentleman.

  • He is focused on the game: 

    Having the same consistency over the same thing is always a difficult thing to do. As a result, many of the former cricketers are doing something else other than cricket. Some have joined political parties while some are a part of some comedy show. But M.S Dhoni has remained faithful to the game itself. His focus is evident by the way he plays on the pitch. In his interviews, he has often said that his game comes from his dedication and instincts. Which is completely based on knowledge and experience.

  • He can handle failure: 

    Not every one of us can withstand with the burden of failure. But M.S Dhoni outshines failure by handling it well. In the 2011 ICC world cup, the Indian team was facing a string of continuous losses. But Dhoni managed to fight back by his skills and lifted the world cup in the end. If he had lost the spirit then we wouldn’t have the world cup in our hands. Dhoni understands the fact well that every business has to face some failure as well. His calm behavior again plays the crucial role in managing the failures.

  • Sportsmanship: 

    Cricket is meant to be a gentleman’s  game. But not every player follows the same principle. Take Sahid Afridi and Sreesanth for example, their rude behavior is quite famous. But M.S Dhoni strictly follows the ideals of the game. And he respects his competitors in the field. He further promotes his calm behavior to the rest of his team. He always tries to solve the quarrel between his team and the other simply by talking. Whereas some players are just into verbal abuse. This sportsmanship makes the other team respect him well.

  • The team factor: 

    Today most of the players play the game for their personal glory instead of the team. But M.S Dhoni always thinks about his team. He always tries to maintain his team spirit in his team. This case is evident by the performance growth in the Indian cricket team as well the CSK (Chennai Super Kings). His players always trust his decisions no matter what the situation is. Dhoni never needed to dictate his team, instead, his team has complete faith in him.

  • His versatile game: 

    There are few players who can play well in all the major formats. Dhoni can play in all the three formats of the game. Whereas most of the players lack this quality. Take Rahul Dravid for example, he can play well in the test format but he lacks in the one day format. Furthermore, Dhoni is not just limited to bat, he can bowl and keep wicket as well. His versatility also makes him unpredictable for the opponent. As they cannot predict his game in advance. That’s why Dhoni is able to perform so well in the field. Experts often say that versatility is the key to longevity in the business. Same thing goes in sports. He is still rocking the field not as a captain but as a player.

In the upcoming future is not known when he will retire. But it will be known that he will continue to perform well. The T20 format is still his best format. That’s why had managed to rank CSK as the best team for consecutive years.

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